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8 Things You Know Too Well if You’re a Drama Magnet

While some people cause drama, there are others like myself who constantly can’t avoid it. We don’t necessarily like this, but it does make life more interesting. 

1. You’re just going along, minding your own business. Having experienced so much drama in the past, you appreciate these fleeting moments that are the calm before the storm, trying to preserve the peace for as long as possible.

2. Something happens that could potential become dramatic, so you avoid getting involved and try to minimize the situation. 

3. Code Red! You were pulled into the drama or suddenly the drama becomes about you. There’s nowhere to hide… 

4. You need to tell your friends about the recent events because only they will help you get through it all. You can’t wait to see their reactions to you, yet again, leading such an overly-dramatic life. 

5. Sometimes there is too much drama to even tell your friends about via text. In these cases, you arrange dinner with the squad so that you can share all of the deets in person during ~storytime~. 

6. When you see the ~sources of drama~ around, your friends immediately know what you are thinking and help you keep your cool. 

7. When you have to combine dealing with all of the drama, go to club meetings, keep your grades up, and still get a full night’s sleep, it can get difficult to manage at times. It’s all about finding the right balance! 

8. At the end of the day, you are grateful as the drama winds down and proud that you once again made it through. You can laugh at the fact that you are basically living a reality show. 

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