Why I’m Ready For Halloween

Every time I close my eyes and imagine the autumn season, I think of the leaves changing colors into a deep maple brown and the smell of a sweet pecan pie baking in the oven. Most importantly, I think of the fun I have with my friends while dressing up for Halloween and watching horror movies with a bowl of buttery popcorn. 

Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays and not just because I enjoy watching scary movies or because I have a gigantic sweet tooth, but because it's a day where I can go crazy without any judgment. I can dress up and be whoever I want; I can change my personality, dye my hair or even be part of a dynamic duo with a friend. The best part is that it’s fun and creative. I remember as a child, I would tell my mom every year that I wanted to be someone different. One year I went as Cinderella, the other year I was a zombie and one time I went as a teddy bear too! 

This festive holiday also gave me a chance to meet up with my friends and have a good time. When I was younger, we would all have a costume contest and our parents would judge who could imitate and present their costume perfectly. My best friend and I would then run around the neighborhood trying to get the most amount of candy.

As a college student, Halloween is still about doing adventurous and exciting things with your friends. You could go to parties and dance around in crazy costumes or have a horror movie night with tons of food and sugar! Another amazing part of Halloween is the decorations! Every year, my house is decorated with jack-o'-lanterns, an array of cobwebs, fake spiders and little broom lights. A downside of this is that this always attracts trick-or-treats, so they eat all my candy!  In college, it is hard to decorate your dorm or apartment because you don't want to damage anything, so I recommend using fairy lights and jack-o'-lantern ornaments to spark your holiday spirit. 

Halloween is a really creative holiday. It can be a day where you choose to go crazy and be whoever you want, whether that means you’ll be a fictional character, something supernatural or even a member of your family or friend group. The best part is that you can also change your costume every year! Nobody judges you and you get to be super creative with it. There are so many DIY videos online that it could be a little arts and crafts project!

This holiday is also a time to just hang out with your friends because a lot of holidays are meant to spend time with your family, but this one is specifically for just having fun with your besties. Go to a Halloweekend party and dance all night, or maybe relax with some close friends and watch a movie with all your favorite foods. You could even decorate the house together and greet little trick-or-treaters! Either way, Halloween is meant to be a blast, and this is why I get so excited for it every year. 


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