Why Being Bilingual is Badass

The ability to speak more than one language has so many perks that it is definitely something you would want to consider writing on your resume or even tinder profile!

One of the biggest advantages of knowing how to speak more than one language is it is unique! You have an amazing skill that not a lot of people possess, and this makes you special (not that you already aren’t!) With this skill, you can also teach your friends, peers or even children another language. If you pass it onto others, you can make your society more diverse! For example, I am Indian, specifically a Sindhi. Both my grandparents speak fluent Sindhi and they passed it onto my dad, who passed it onto my brother and me! I am so grateful that I learned it from my family because Sindhi has become almost an ancient language now and I feel really unique when I speak it and am able to understand it. 

Another perk of being bilingual is that it shows that you are culturally aware! Tons of people come to the United States for better educations and job opportunities, and in doing so, they leave their hometown behind. Speaking a native language is a way for that individual to still be connected to their hometown. On another note, being culturally aware can also feed your wanderlust! It’s not necessary that the second language you learn will be your native one. Some people study languages within their academic curriculum, maybe because they are a foreign language major or studying abroad. Learning a new language teaches students about the diversity of the world and will also encourage them to travel and explore different cities and customs. 

Being bilingual is incredibly helpful when you are trying to look for a job! Employers love it when their prospective employee knows how to converse in multiple languages. That way if there is an international office or even a work trip you have the ability to communicate as well as relate to the other individual. 

Having the skills to talk in multiple languages helps with cognition as well. Your attention and memory switch as you become aware of the differences in context, grammar and syntax. In fact, a study done recently even shows that people become better at multitasking and are more creative when they can speak in more than one language. 

Speaking a different language also provides a new perspective. Learning and being able to speak another language is kind of like having another personality! Every language is different in terms of grammar, tone, accent and structure, so a bilingual individual is in a constant state of change as they alternate from one language to another. 

The ability to converse in more than one language definitely has some cool and helpful benefits. It’s a good way to be more open-minded, relate to people who have the same cultural background and it gives you an edge within the workforce. It also eases the process of learning a third language! Even if you aren’t bilingual, you are still special and amazing in your own way and can always learn a new language. 

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