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Top 5 Trends for Your Fall Wardrobe

With all the wild clothing shown on the runway this year, it’s hard to go from “runway” to “your way.” Her Campus is here to help you sort out the craziness and give you options for the top five fall fashion trends of the 2012 season!

5. Like A Boy
Channel your inner Ciara: grab a pair of loafers, an oversized coat or a pantsuit and you’re one chic dude!

4. English Countryside
Some Designers that come to mind are Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Ruffian. Think trench coats without the flashers, plaid and lots and lots of layering!

3. Stars and Stripes
Military styles can be a little daunting but when you break it down it’s actually very stylish and comfy! Brass buttons, lace up boots, and rich dark colors like olive green and black will give you the right vibe.

2. Back to the Future
Futuristic looks are creeping their way into our modern world and it’s time to take hold of our future fashion. BE BOLD! If I can say anything for this fall season, it’s to be bold and go for it! Metallic effects, exaggerated silhouettes, and bold prints are some of the trends you can embrace in this style.

1. Mod Looks
The easiest way to describe this look is to reference the 1950s and 1960s, and icons like Twiggy and Rudi Gernreich. This trend is defined by two looks. The first involves geometric shapes, lots of patterns and color blocking. The second uses more diluted colors like burgundy, olive green, cherry and plum with chunky knits, leather, blazers, tweed, velvet and animal prints.

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