Some People On The Internet Think Periods Can Be "Cured" By a Healthy Diet, and WTF

There’s a tired, ashy claim resurfacing on the internet saying that a healthy diet will eliminate your period.

Yes, you read that correctly. Eating a "healthy" diet will eliminate your period. Not improve or moderate but complete and total elimination. This is absolutely nuts.  

Of course most of these claims are made by those who have never had a period a day in their lives. Plenty of men, black men who identify as "hoteps" to be specific, testify that a plant based diet will completely alleviate a woman of her menstrual cycle. A menstrual cycle that is, according to them, "unnatural". 


To clarify, the Hotep Movement as a whole is just as insane.  

But the more shocking is those who HAVE periods but buy into this crazy theory. 

Popular vegan blogger Freelee preaches a raw, vegan diet will eliminate your period. Other vegan bloggers also share these sentiments.

It feels almost needless to say anyone with a period knows that this is not true. But if it were needless to say, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

A healthy diet will not completely alleviate you of your period. Now there is a single kernel of truth in this pile of crap claim. When one exercises too much or diets too much, then their period can disappear. However, this is usually found in extreme cases and is not a healthy occurrence.

Patronizing people about their bodies when you know nothing about them is asinine. Ever since the beginning of time, people have viewed a period as something horrifying and unnatural. Menstruation was thought of as the “devil’s work” or the “act of witches.”

The normalization of menstruation is certainly in a much better place, but there is still a level of shame attached to it. Movements attached to this mentality, such as the Free Bleeding movement, fight hard to defeat the stigma.

The best thing you can do for your vagina is to treat it with care. Eating healthy foods and practicing good hygiene usually keep your lady parts nice and healthy.