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Our Co-Founder, Co-President & Editor-In-Chief, Chelsea Kubo

Chelsea Kubo


Political Science

Famous Role Model(s):
I find this hard to answer because I tend to look up to bits and pieces of people’s stories instead of one particular individual. However if I were to choose, Richard Wright and Harriet Beecher Stowe would be two of my famous role models.  

I was inspired by Richard Wright after reading his memoir, Black Boy, in my AP Language and Composition class back in high school. I was intrigued by Wright’s story as a misunderstood African American boy who rose from the confinements of segregation, to the valedictorian of his class, all the way up to an important position in the communist party. Whether I believe in his political beliefs or not, his rise and fall – struggles and passions – inspire me to learn from my adversity in the hopes of one day making the world a better place.

Harriet Beecher Stowe is also one of my role models. She inspires me because although she lived during an era where women had little to no political influence, Stowe became one of the most influential authors in human history. In reference to the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln even called her “the little lady who started this great war.” Her story reminds me that no matter what society says, women are just as capable of impacting the world as men.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
By at least 30, my dream is to have a stable career and income, a husband, and maybe one kid in New York City. 

What positions in organizations, jobs or internships do you hold?
I am the co-founder, Co-President, Campus Correspondent & Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus VCU. I also work for MTV Research as a Trendspotter, and I used to hold an internship at a student advocacy group called Virginia21. 

What made you want to launch Her Campus VCU?
Before I came to VCU, I was a student at a community college searching for scholarships when a friend of mine sent me a Her Campus article to help me out. I ended up surfing through the website for hours – falling in love with the site!

Excited to go away to college, I constantly read HC articles to amp-up my anticipation. I researched the company so much that I noticed that VCU did not have a chapter! Within a few weeks, I decided to start one myself – inviting my best friend of 10 years, Mymy Dinh, to join me as co-founder and Co-President of Her Campus VCU.

What are your hopes for HC VCU?
One of my hopes is to empower college women to make use of their time at VCU as a place to learn, grow, and become more confident about their futures as professional women. However it is not all about women! We have a few men in our organization that I fully support as well.

Another hope I have is to increase Her Campus VCU’s page views while publishing entertaining, informative, and helpful articles for college women at my university.

What are some obstacles you face being the Co-President & Editor-In-Chief?
Sometimes it is hard having so many people doing so many different things at once. From writers, editors, publicists, marketers, event planners, and more, our magazine is constantly working on a million things at once. Thankfully, we have an awesome team of leaders who keep the flow of our organization going!

What are some of your favorite things about Her Campus?
I love being the leader of a magazine and organization because I have the opportunity to build my resume while working with amazing women and men. I love being able to toss around ideas, publicize and host events, and help members feel empowered about following their dreams.

What are some of your favorite Her Campus memories?
This is a hard one! I have had so many eventful memories in Her Campus, but I have to say that my trip to NYC for Her Campus’s first ever National Inter-Collegiette Conference is one of my favorite HC memories. Being able to meet Seventeen magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, Ann Shoket, and NBC Chicago’s Executive Director, Kathryn Janicek, was a once in a lifetime opportunity that gave me a confidence boost that has yet to leave me. 

I am also proud to say that my idea to create the first conference in Her Campus’s history inspired Her Campus William and Mary to make it a reality for HC chapters across Virginia. It was incredible to travel to Williamsburg with my members to meet the lovely co-founder, President & Publisher of Her Campus, Windsor Hanger; and it was amazing to learn from profesional women in Women in the Real World: A Panel on Women in the Media, the Professional World, and the Business World.

What are the main things you expect from the members of your HC team? (i.e. timeliness, creativity, etc)
In a general sense, my main expectation of members is to support our organization and magazine by attending meetings and participating in one of our three teams – Editorial, PR, and Event Planning. I guess I am also strict on deadlines, and I expect members to follow through with their assignments.

What is the main message you wish to convey to VCU students about Her Campus?
Her Campus is an incredible company that provides rewarding opportunities for students to gain experience, network with professionals, join a community, and make the most of their college experience. Through Her Campus, I personally have become more confident and level headed about my future as a professional. I would love to spread this opportunity to other women (and men) at my university! 

Follow Chelsea Kubo on Twitter: @0buk
Contact Chelsea Kubo: chelseakubo@hercampus.com

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