An Open Letter to The Pre-Medicine Track

Dear Pre-Med track, 


I love you so much, but you make my life ten times harder.

It is difficult to make friends with students who are in the same classes because of your competitive nature. Everyone wants to get into medical school, and admission rates are less than ten percent, so it is hard to realize whether people want to be friends with me because of my personality, or if they want to get ideas about how to be a more competitive applicant. 

My schedule is filled with advanced science lectures and labs. However, the large amounts of coursework and my rigorous classes do not guarantee a spot in a medical school, it is very important to have exposure in the clinical environment. This means shadowing in a clinic, volunteering at a hospital, becoming a scribe or just interning at a physician’s office. When I am working in a clinic or a hospital environment, I feel invisible almost as if I am not even there. Even though pre-med is a rigorous track, doctors rarely think of students as dedicated medical professionals because we have minimal knowledge or skills to contribute. 

I get very little exposure to medical procedures and human anatomy throughout my academic life, so when I am put in a clinical environment with well-known doctors, I feel so insignificant as if I have nothing to contribute. However, accompanied by more than three cups of coffee a day, I somehow complete the track, but I'm still not easily granted a seat in medical school. As I mentioned before, the admission rates for any world-renowned medical school is usually less than ten percent. Sometimes I wonder why you, the Pre-Med track, are such a difficult and stressful curriculum for students? 

Pre-Medicine, you give me a hard time and make for some sleepless nights, but at the end of the day, you complete me. It is because of you that I even get a chance to enter the medical field and help save the lives of others. It is because of you that I get to volunteer at meaningful organizations and contribute to my community. It is because of you that I realized the true meaning of hard work and perseverance. It is because of you that I am introduced to such fascinating subjects, and eye-opening research. 

I met such amazing professors and advisors as well as friends that have further motivated me to work harder, and become a better member of my society. I can pursue my dream of one day becoming a Gynecologist and advocating for female health with the completion of your track. Last but not least, I can make a mark on the world and use my knowledge and skills to help those in need because of you. 

So to all the Pre-Med students reading this article, I know it is a hard and stressful process with long nights and endless days but sit tight. You can and will achieve your dreams!  



A Pre-Med student

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