Let's Ax The Pink Tax

Okay, so, not only are women getting paid less than men, they are also paying more for their products.

The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs released a study comparing the prices of two nearly identical products across a variety of categories - one marketed towards men and the other towards women and found that women nearly always pay more for toiletries, clothing, toys, and accessories.

This gender-based pricing, generally known as the “Pink Tax,” has been a hot topic both in the press and in politics recently, due to the utter discontent (& discrimination) women find themselves facing in their daily lives. Who would have thought that you couldn’t go to the grocery store without facing another example of gender inequality? 


So what has been done to help change this issue?


In the House of Representatives, Democrat Jackie Speier, and 27 of her colleagues celebrated Equal Pay Day by introducing the Pink Tax Repeal Act. This act would prohibit the gender-based priced of consumer products and services.

Speier said, “Women get hit with a double whammy: They make less for doing the same work and they pay more for the same product or service because it’s for women. Whether it’s a pink teddy bear, deodorant from the same manufacturer, or a white laundered shirt, it’s time to say enough! Discrimination is illegal.”

However, this bill is still in the process of becoming law, so stay tuned to see what happens next.


Retailers are also not turning a blind eye to the Pink Tax, either. Many brands have pledged to not give this problem a platform. Boxed, an online store, reduced their prices on women’s products to make them equal prices to their male counterparts. Deodorants, razors, shaving cream and more are all branded "Pink Tax Free” on their website.



In the meantime, you can fight this issue by staying alert and keeping this issue in mind while shopping for products. So the next time you see a suspiciously expensive pink razor, head over to the men’s section and trade it in for a blue one.


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