Laptop Stickers Found at VCU

Practically everywhere you look around Virginia Commonwealth University's campus, you will find at least one student with stickers on their laptop. The sticky adornments are always interesting to look at because you can deduce so much about the person they belong to: their favorite bands, places they’ve been, their political affiliation, their interests - the list goes on. It’s like a giant sign that says “Hey! We like the same stuff! We’d probably be good friends!” without the terrifying small talk and dreaded human interaction.

After talking to a few decorated laptop-carrying individuals on campus, I learned that there are many reasons why people place stickers on their computer. One student, Talees O., explained “I put stickers on my laptop because it’s a fun form of self-expression.” By just glancing at her computer, I was able to guess that her favorite color is purple, she likes the movie “The Craft” and she supports the local non-profit, Read to Them. As it turns out, I was exactly right! Most of her stickers are store-bought, and almost all of them follow a common theme; clean and purple-y!

Similarly, another student, Hailey P., explained that her laptop serves a similar purpose, saying “I like being able to tell which one is mine!” She went on to explain that laptop stickers are also “an excellent conversation-starter while in class.” Like Talees, Hailey’s stickers are also mostly store-bought, and they represent the things she’s interested in, like theatre, movies, the Giants and LGBTQ+ rights.

Katie M.’s laptop also has stickers that reflect the things she likes, including Bernie Sanders, the Arctic Monkeys and, of course, VCU! Katie says that she became bored with how her laptop looked, and just “figured some bright stickers would be fun!” to personalize it. Her favorite stickers in her collection? “The googly eyes, the donuts and the I voted sticker.”

Although many people purchase stickers themselves, it’s helpful to point out that, if you too want to decorate your laptop but cannot or do not want to go through the trouble of ordering your own, many on-campus organizations and other companies often give out stickers for free! It’s a quick, cheap way to personalize something you carry around with you every day.

If you do decide to buy stickers, though, I recommend checking out RedBubble and various Etsy stores. Oftentimes, artists will post their own original work in sticker-form, so it’s a great way to support both art and the things you like! Of course, keep an eye out for stickers in local stores, too.

Feeling inspired? Get sticker-ing today! Express yourself!

Photo Credits: Cover image, Photo 1 by Emily Gerber, Photo 2 by Hailey P., Photo 3 by Katie M.