To the Guy Who Said I Would Never Do Better Than Him

Dear Underestimator,

I would list all of my accomplishments, but that would sound a little brag-y, don’t you think? Instead I want to say “thank you”. Though I’ve spoken out about the dangers of a toxic relationship, and working on overall forgiveness, I can still hear your voice in the back of my head telling me “you will never do better than me.” It rings every now and then like that special ringtone you made me give you so that I would always know when you always texted me. Your Pavlov-ian conditioning almost worked. Almost. And although you like to believe that you are some kind of Narcissus, you don’t realize the snowball effect that it had on me. You re-sparked a deep fire within me that you so badly tried to water down but it looks like you forgot about the dangers of putting out a wildfire on the move. The wind fuels us.

Yes honey-boo you may have had two girlfriends after me but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done better than you. It just means that I am too busy being better than you, for myself. And she may be gorgeous but does that really count when you’re still living with mom and pop? Does it really count when you still don’t know what you’re doing with your life? Does it really count if you are still in the same place mentally as that boy I met four years ago?

This is all I know of you. You may have long legs but I am several steps ahead of you. You may think I was devastated when you left but what devastated me the most was all the time I wasted on a lesson well learned; never settle.

I am not the dust on top of your old text books, I am the wheels that keep on going round and round, never stopping until I reach my destination. You were only a quick-stop along the way. I don’t want to sound petty or bitter, because all-in-all, I really am thankful. I am thankful of all the opportunities and accomplishments I've had because I don’t have you dragging me down anymore. You also make great writing material.

You told me that I would never do better than you but anyone that doesn’t underestimate me is already better than you. Love looks not with the eyes but with the heart. And my heart is too busy chasing my dreams, to keep thinking of you.