Detranelle "Dee" Christian

As a powerful black art student, Detranelle "Dee" Christian aspires to one day become a dominant figure in the fashion industry. Although blessed to be part of such an exclusive minority, Dee said she sees her race and gender as a disadvantage in her field of study as well as in the fashion industry as a whole. Her attitude towards the industry is optimistic but possesses a sense of realism rare to that of her eager peers belonging to the majority.

The field is “dominated by white females,” said Christian. “And leaders of the industry need to be more dedicated to initiating diversity and a new sense of tolerance and inclusion, especially of those parties vastly underrepresented.”

She sees the uniqueness of her name as an advantage, considering her place in the minority; she believes her name is indicative of no one specific race, preventing any prejudices that may be associated with employment acquisition.

Dee specializes in photoshoot direction and is proficient in modeling, advertising and styling. After a short conversation with her, it is not difficult to see that she is the appropriate blend of creativity and business professionalism; she can concisely explain the complexity of buying and advertising as it relates to her creative interests in fabric and patterns. Before speaking with her, I had no inclination as to how intricately my biochemical studies intertwined with the specific methods of jewelry creation.

Free spirits like Dee Christian are few and far between; her resiliency, intellect and ingenuity exceed any expectations society may have of her.

Image Source: all photos styled and directed by Dee Christian