5 Boots That Are Perfect for Fall

If you’re anything like me, you go into full fall-mode the second the temperature drops below 80 degrees and the first leaf falls from the ground. With how hot it was in Richmond this summer, I despaired that I would ever get to break out my (extremely) extensive closet of fall clothing, but the second the temperature dropped I was flaunting my coziest sweaters and curling up with a good ol’ PSL. I love pretty much everything about fall, but one of my favorites has got to be the fashion—most specifically, the boots. Read on for the five boots that will make perfect additions to your wardrobe this fall!

1. Everyday ankle booties

Heeled ankle booties are great for when you want to dress up a little or make an impact in class, but something with a smaller heel that is comfy and perfect for everyday is an essential in your closet year-round. I have a pair of brown leather booties that match everything, don’t have a heel and are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own—and are perfect for every fall activity, from going to a pumpkin patch to running from chainsaws in a haunted house. A pair like these from Lucky Brand will transition well into winter and spring, and come in a neutral enough color that they’ll pair well with all your favorite fall accessories. Pair these with a vest, long-sleeved shirt and jeans for a classic fall look that is anything but basic.

2. Classic Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots have been around for what feels like forever, and for good reason—their classic style matches just about everything, and is a perfect year-round shoe. You can get a chunkier style (like these Doc Martens I have in my closet and basically never take off) or something a little sleeker like this H&M option. No matter what you choose, you know you’re getting a pair that you’ll definitely get your money’s worth from. Pair these with your favorite sweater, ripped jeans and have the tops of your socks poking through for a comfy, easy look. 

3. Over-the-knee boots

These might not be the most practical option, but boy are they cute (and boy am I happy they replaced riding boots). Whatever route you go with OTK boots, be it cinched thigh-high (like these beauties from LuLu’s) or just peeking over your knee (like these cute-but pricey Vince Camutos), you’re certain to create a look that screams “FALL” no matter what you pair them with—be it long-sleeved dresses and bare legs or leggings and a cute turtleneck--or live your best Ariana Grande life and wear them with an oversized sweatshirt, you do you!

4. Heeled ankle booties

Nothing screams “I am a girl boss” quite like the sound of your heels on pavement while you crunch through some fall leaves on your way to class. The classic heeled bootie is a fall essential for any college student during the fall—they’ll look great whether you’re stomping to class or meeting some friends for ciders and pumpkin carving. Whether you go Western-inspired (like these Frye staples), stiletto (like these from Nine West) or just a classic shape (like these personal favorite Franco Sartos—I seriously wear these every single day), you’re sure to make an impact. Paired with a skinny jean, classic fall jacket and comfy t shirt, you'll be serving looks all fall long.

5. Waterproof rain or duck boots

What would a fall boot list be without the classic L.L. Bean duck boot? (on a budget? Try these) Fall is a notoriously rainy season, so having a pair of waterproof boots in your arsenal so you don’t ruin your favorite leather (or pleather) babies is a must. Not a duck boot kind of gal? Rain booties have made a splash (pun intended) recently, and are a much subtler and sleeker option for rainy weather. I’m planning on getting something similar to this J. Crew pair, for a comfortable and cute way to brave the rainy Richmond fall weather. Pair these with your favorite sweater, jeans and raincoat for some “Singin’ in the Rain” vibes, no matter how dreary the weather.

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