4 Things That I Missed About Richmond While on Winter Break

I love going home to my family for the holidays...but I have grown used to my schedule and the privacy I have in my own house. After a while, I started to miss it here in Richmond. Here are a few things that I was craving while at home in North Carolina:

  1. 1. City Noises


    It is pretty quiet in my neck of the woods in Charlotte, NC. When I first get home, it is relaxing and sort of lets me reboot. After almost three months at home, I long to hear my neighbors yelling loudly in the street, along with all of the car noises and the people rushing to get places.

    I missed the members of my community that occasionally pass my house blaring music through speakers, the bark of the big german shepherd next door and the music from the loud party-ers that own him. 

  2. 2. My Space 

    My room: the place that houses my clothes, valuables and precious captured moments. My space is very important to me. I have always loved hanging out with myself, and my room is where I’ve always been able to do that no matter my surroundings. My room is where I birth a lot of creative ideas and projects. I work and get inspired in my space. Being in North Carolina stole a bit of my creativity for a few months. Being back in my room has allowed for a tsunami of ideas and projects that I can’t wait to start this year.

  3. 3. My Friends 

    three silhouettes in orange sunset

    All of my friends, including my girlfriend, live in Virginia. I live six hours away from my friends and five hours away from my love. When there is a long break, I get a few visits, but I eventually had to leave and miss them again. I loved getting to see my friends at home—that was a nice treat. I wish I could have packed them in my suitcase and brought them to the city with me.  

  4. 4. My Places 

    There are so many amazing restaurants, parks and cute nature spots all over Richmond. You can't get that in the suburbs of North Carolina. The James River is beautiful, and Belle Isle, along with many other refreshing places, is a great place to witness the water. Ay Carumba is my favorite restaurant and not being able to eat it for that long was pure torture. My mom's cooking is great, but nothing like the good eats I get here in Richmond.

I am elated to be back in this city with my people and my inspiration. I do my best in this environment, and the busy streets make me smile every day. When I am in Richmond, I get my daily sunlight requirement, my mind is always filled with ideas and I am able to surround myself with fellow college students struggling through adult life. I already miss home and my family down in Charlotte. But I know they want me to achieve my goals here at VCU, and I can’t wait to make them proud.