17 Thoughts VCU Students Have in Shafer

1. What's the difference between a dining "hall" and a dining "court"? Is there a difference? Why do we have to be fancy about it?

2. Wow, the lady who swiped me in wasn't in a bad mood. What is life?

3. What're we out of today--spoons? Straws? Cups?

4. Do I want sushi or should I brave something new and different?

5. Ram's Grille is deadly and I don't really want the Shafer S***ts today.. but some fries couldn't hurt, right?

6. Why is the sushi line always so long? Why? It's just sushi.

7. Can there be a tour or Preview Day soon? I want some good eats.

8. Let's see how dirty or chipped my cup is today.

9. How far am I going to have to suck in to get around these people? 


11. Why does everyone think that sitting alone is a big deal... you sit. You eat. You leave. Big whoop.

12. How much of this food can I sneak back to my room without them noticing?

13. Will they notice if I take this apple with me?

14. Ice cream looks so good...

15. Why do people take up one whole dishwashing rack for one glass? Why?

16. I will never understand this whole go outside only to come back in thing at the exit. Why is this a thing?

17. Oooh, when's Elephant Thai coming??