The 10 Struggles of Having a Common Name

Having a common name is pretty easily recognizable. You see a list for “most common names of 199-whatever” and realize your name is on that one…and the year after…and the year after…and so on and so forth. You’ve never been able to relate to the “X Signs You Have a Unique Name” articles, so here’s the 10 struggles of having an incredibly common name.

1. You were known as your first name and last initial all through grade/middle/high school.

You probably briefly considered changing your legal first time to your first name and last initial because that was the only thing you were known by until you graduated.

2. Someone calls your name and you and about 12 other girls in the vicinity look up, only to discover it wasn’t you, it was the other Jennifer/Katie/Hannah.

You’ve just started tuning out other people shouting your name, because there’s only a 1/15 chance the person is actually calling for you.

3. Finding a unique social media handle is damn near impossible.

There’s absolutely nothing available for a person with a common name. Hello, first name followed by a sequence of 16 numbers.

4. Having to adopt a nickname for a break from the constant confusion with other people with your name.

Just abbreviate it, please. I don't want that stress in my life.

5.  Always having to specify which one you are. Every. Freaking. Time.

You’ve just started identifying yourself by your last name, because that’s the only way people will remember which Ashley/Becky/Jessica you are.

6. Telling someone your name and being told “Oh! That’s my mom’s/sister’s/cousin’s/dog’s name!”

Yes. I get it. Everyone in the English-speaking world has my name.

7. Longing for a creative way to spell your name or something with SOME uniqueness.

You don’t even call people who spell their names “Emmaleigh” extra anymore because you feel their struggle.

8. Teachers constantly confusing you with the 100 other people of your name in their classes.

Asking for your paper back usually results in five minutes of them shuffling through all the papers by people of the same name.

9. Always getting your hopes up about your order in a restaurant/Starbucks.

If you had a dollar for every time you grabbed an order thinking it was yours, you could afford to buy a Treinta every time you go to Starbucks.

10. Even in a group of five, there’s always someone with your name.

All you want is 10 minutes of being the only person in your vicinity with your name, is that too much to ask??

What other struggles have you experienced with having a common name?

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