10 People to Cut Out of Your Life

Throughout life, you will lose and gain friendships -- it’s inevitable. Some friendships fade away because of busy schedules or you just grow apart. As you grow up, you realize who your real friends are. It may be hard to cut someone out of your life whose been in it for so long, but if they are only bringing you down, it’s time to get those scissors. Here are 10 types of people to cut out of your life:

1. The fake friend

You know that friend. The one who only texts you when they need something. They need someone to hang out with, and you’re their last option or they need a ride somewhere. They are only your friend when it benefits them.

2. The moocher

This person is constantly borrowing money and not paying you back or eating all of your food in your fridge. Obviously, it’s okay for friends to borrow money or eat your food every once in a while, but not constantly.

3. The negative nelly

They always bring your mood down. They are either saying negative things about you or negative things in general. You get sad just being around them. Stay positive and cut them out.

4. The judgey Judy

All they do is criticize you and your life as if they are so perfect. Even when you try to explain yourself they refuse to see things your way. You don’t need someone to be judging your every move in life.

5. The all-the-time party girl

All they want to do is party. Every time you see them it’s at party, club or they are just drinking in general. Your friendship has no substance, all they want to do is party and they don’t want to help you with your problems.

6. The controlling one

They always want to have the last say in everything. They always decide where to eat and what movie to see. Your opinion is never heard or taken. Friendship is all about balance and sacrifice, you have to do stuff that you both want to do. This is not a happy friendship.

7. The dishonest one

All they do is lie to your face. They lie about little and big details of their life. They’ll lie and say they didn’t tell anyone your secrets. They don’t have an honest bone in their body and you can’t trust them.

8. The manipulative one

They know your strengths and weaknesses and know how to get you to do things they want. They always use the same sad excuses, making you feel bad for them and go along with what they want. Stop letting them manipulate your friendship.

9. The unsupportive one

They will listen to your accomplishments, but never ask questions or praise you for them. They will blow off anything great you tell them and instead ask you to support them.

10. The one who's never sorry

They will never apologize after a fight or argument, they think they can do no wrong. Friendship involves realizing your mistakes and apologizing. If the apologies are always one sided, tell them sorry, but your friendship isn’t working.


Once you realize you have a toxic person in your life, it may take some time to cut them out of your life, but once you do you will feel so much better. Be friends with people who make you laugh, support you and benefit you, not people who bring you down.

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