Mardi C.

Name: Mardi Caminer

Hometown: Chicago

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Special Education & Child Development

Campus Involvement: Relay for Life, Challah for Hunger, ADPi

How did you decide to start Challah for Hunger? What was the process like?

My friends and I knew about Challah for Hunger from friends at other schools, and we were surprised there was not already a Vanderbilt chapter. Since we all loved being with each other and baking, we decided to start a Vanderbilt chapter. At first, we just went through the process of baking and selling, and slowly, it became a more legitimate organization. We all worked together and so the entire process was not too hard. Plus, we were always having fun!


How do you choose what flavor of challah to bake each week?

We actually have a person who is in charge of all baking logistics that gets to pick the flavor for each week. We talk to a lot of people to figure out what they want, and we try to base the flavors off of requests. 

Why do you Relay?

I Relay for so many reasons. My childhood caregiver (who was basically my second mother) passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 40 when I was just 11 years old. Whenever I accomplish anything, I know that it was because of the work ethic and habits she taught me. I wish she could be here for all of this, and I Relay so that more people can continue to have supportive people in their lives for longer.


What's your favorite thing to do in Nashville? 

I love being outside!! My friends and I have taken advantage of the various places to hike in Nashville, and I love exploring new places. 


What advice do you have for freshmen?

Have fun and try new things!! There's really no other time when you will have all the amazing opportunities that are available and so I would say to definitely try to involve yourself with as much as you can handle!