Halloween: Let your Inner Kid Play

Looking back at my childhood years, I am astonished at my audacity and confidence. I was the kid all throughout elementary school and middle school who did not care what people thought about me – or if I did, it was more important about what I thought about me. One of the most exciting times of the year was Halloween. I spend weeks creating lists about potential costumes, scouring websites for ideas, and tearing through bins in my attic for props and pieces of inspiration.


My plethora of crazy costumes in years past included a rock star (with a safety pin taped to my forehead to show my “edginess”), a cute convict, a mad scientist, and a half man-half woman (I know – not very politically correct, an adorable and creative costume for a ten year old). Every Halloween I send my old friends pictures of my costumes, and we laugh at our adventures and memories these eight plus years ago. 

Where did I lose my fervor for Halloween? My creative spirit? Obviously, life gets in the way – and in college, time and money are of the essence. It is much easier to tack on a hat and sunglasses to be a police officer, or to dress in all black and wear some type of animal ears and call it a night. I, too fall into this pattern – this weekend I even told myself I hated Halloween. I did not even dress up once to avoid failing my younger self because of my lack of imagination!


Now I know that is not true – Halloween it has always been one of my favorites. People get incredibly eager, fall is in the air, and there is candy wherever you turn. My advice for all is to let that inner child out. Stop spending hours putting on real makeup and spend hours putting on costume makeup. Let out the little girl who loved spending hours transforming into a new persona and play dress up again! Stop taking yourself so seriously; Halloween is a time for play. It is when people have the opportunity to unleash their inner child – revel in it!