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Clean Out Your Closet: 5 Fall Trends to Try Out

The best thing about fall isn’t the PSLs, or leaves changing color, or even stuffing yourself with candy on Halloween. What’s really important about fall is the opportunity for change. Each season marks an opportunity for ending some things and beginning new ones. Seasons changing can be cleansing for the body and the soul, and nothing feels better than cleaning out your closet.

Even though the cold weather doesn’t really hit the South until December or January some purchases can’t wait. A few outfit upgrades now will have you feeling brand new. That is until the cold snap really hits and you have to hide all those cute clothes under jackets.

Before we get to what’s hot this fall, we have to talk about cleaning out all the old stuff. You’ll need to grab everything out of your closet and sort it into a few different piles. Try: keep, maybe, give-away, to start.

Once you have all your clothes sorted out, look through your “maybe” pile for basic shirts and pants that have held up well. These pieces will last you through any fashion trend and should be sorted into the “keep” pile. The others can go unless you’re having real reservations. Now isn’t the time to squirrel things away.

Pack up everything in your “give-away” pile and stow it in the back of your car to give to GoodWill. If you want, you can comb through your “keep” pile one more time and give away the things you don’t love. It’s easier to give things away after you consider everything you have a few times.

Once you’ve got your closet cleaned out, you’re ready to fill it back up with a few trendy fall finds.

Here’s what I recommend this season:

Frayed hem jeans:

Misguided Sinner Highwaisted Fray Hemmed Skinny Jeans

Frays and tassels are in this season, whether we like it or not. You won’t be able to walk into any store this fall without seeing a pair of jeans with the bottoms all frayed out. If you think a full-length pant might look a little too frumpy for the fray, try a pair of capris. The torn up hem will work better (and look more purposeful) at that length.


Though red is usually reserved for summer (and Christmas when matched with more muted colors) designers were dressing models everywhere in red-on-red during NYFW.

To play down this trend for every day, try going for a flora design blouse with roses or poppies. Plaid, another NYFW staple, can also be worn with this year’s fall color.

To play it up, try out a co-ord set with a pair of culottes or fitted cigarette pants and blazer.


This one might be harder to wear every day, but if you’re looking to class up your outfit, or if you just can’t stand another party in a maxi-dress, try out this trend. To dress the look down, pair it with tennis shoes or loafers and a basic tee.


A fashion throw-back, you can wear this trend any way you want.  Pick up a jacket or a pair of pants in this classic textile and you’ll be breathing cozy new life into your wardrobe. The best part? This throw-back is almost sure to come back around again.

Boxy over-sized jacket:


Misguided Oversized Boyfriend Denim Jacket

Celebrities everywhere have been rocking the “over-size shirt, no pants” look for a few seasons now, but this season a boxier look is in.  Shrug on an embroidered denim jacket or a camel trench and you’ll be ready to go with any outfit.


Hello! I'm Kelsey, a junior studying journalism at Valdosta State University. I love reading (mostly Plath and Tolstoy), watching comedy shows on Hulu, and going to the beach.
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