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5 College- Life Hacks Every Collegiate Needs

Little quick fixes can make your life a lot easier; so here are some fun tricks found for the ladies to use throughout college. All of you DIY-ers will love this one.

1. Bobby Pins: You go to the store to buy a pack and they disappear faster than you had them!

HACK:  Place a magnetic strip on your wall or the inside of you medicine cabinet. After you stick the strip in your bathroom the magnetic strip will help you keep up with all of those small goodies we always misplace.

2. Lint: Inevitably, some of the most loved pieces in our closet get a little old and get those little fuzzies.

HACK:  Shave down your clothes in the same direction using a regular razor or soft pumice stone and watch them disappear. Voila! Use a lint roller or tape to get up any leftover lint.

3.  Make-up: Make-up bags and boxes will take up room in tight spaces, especially in your dorm room! Searching through them is even more of a to-do when you’re getting ready for class.

HACK:  Make a magnetic wall for your make-up favorites using an old picture frame. All you need is a few small magnets and tape. Your blush and eye shadows will never break. You can hang it up on the wall to see everything that you need right in front of you!

4. Jewelry:  This one is for the ladies on a budget that love jewelry and lots of it! A lot of collegiates are fashionable and on a budget, so after you pick up your rings from Forever 21 or Charming Charlie’s, try this hack out first!!

HACK: Paint clear polish of any brand inside of your rings. Your rings won’t turn and you won’t ruin your tights! You can use this trick on necklaces as well. Make sure you re-apply after a couple months.

5. Shoes: Winter is here! So, whether you’re storing your shoes away or bringing them out for your wardrobe you’ll want to keep everything in order.

HACK:  Put a pool noodle in your boots to help them stay up and keep them from getting that wrinkled look. This hack also saves you space in your closet.

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