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How to Become Unapologetic

It happens to all of us sometimes. We become stuck in our ways. We notice that we are surrounded by people who bring us down, we’re in a job that we don’t love, we are stressed about the simplest things and the little things don’t make us happy anymore. In an instant, you notice that you are out of touch with yourself. This moment in your life is the perfect opportunity to think for yourself. Be selfish. Reflect internally and realize what you need in your life in order to make yourself happy. Here are a few tips to becoming unapologetic…

  1. Stop worrying what people think about you. If they mind, they don’t matter and if they matter they won’t mind.
  2. Start writing down how you feel. The best way to reflect and realize what is going on is through documentation. Sometimes it takes a few days for you to actually sort out how you feel about a situation.
  3. Stop apologizing for stupid things. It’s sort of like dating the same person again and again. It becomes a habit and starts to lose value over time.
  4. Cut out toxic people. If someone is constantly comparing themselves to you, fishing for attention or bringing up unnecessary instances that bring out negative emotions- it might be time to say ‘buh-bye.’
  5. Figure out what you want. Take a trip, go hiking, read a book. Do something that makes you think and brings out some sort of emotion in you. Explore your options.
  6. Stop making excuses. If you want something, go out and do it. The only person that your lies or excuses truly hurt is you.
  7. Justifying gets you nowhere. You do not need to justify yourself to anyone. Prove yourself in other ways. If they don’t understand, they aren’t worth it.

These are just a few ways that you can free yourself from negativity and discovering what you really want. Nobody is holding you back, there is always a way to do something. Start living your life unapologetically.

I'm a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee studying marketing and international business. I spend most of my time traveling, writing, interning and hanging out with the most inspiring people.
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