Reading Week Productivity Strategies

Reading week is upon us. This semester just began and if you’re anything like me you've probably been looking forward to this break. For some, this break could mean tons of homework. For others, this break could mean watching Netflix while camped out in bed all day. Although this seems like the most fun option, it might not be the most productive. This is especially true if you have midterms after reading week. Now’s the time to catch up on school, and to boost your productivity so that you are ready to come back refreshed and ready to take charge. Here’s how you can have a productive reading week:

1)    Dance it out: if you’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy you probably know what this means. For those of you who aren’t a fan, this means putting on some music and literally dancing it out. Dance it out. Dance away a bad grade, a breakup, the stress of the semester, or whatever else may be bringing you down –  just dance it out.

2)    Time to plan: plan what deadlines are looming ahead. Write that paper that’s due a month after reading week, organize your schedule, decide how much time you’re going to allocate to extracurriculars or school. Now’s the time to decide what the rest of your semester could potentially look like; will you choose organization or all-nighters fueled by caffeine? Plan wisely and plan now.

3)    Meetings: meet that friend that you haven’t seen in ages. Put aside some time to talk a latte over a latte, or to go watch a movie. Reading week is usually the best time to catch up on some quality time with the bestie, as well as to de-stress. Rant about your schedules, your workload, or gain some valuable advice. Some valuable quality time can go a long way.

4)    Take a stroll: reading week’s the perfect time to take a walk, and actually think about the past few weeks, how your semester’s going, or anything else that may be bothering you. The weather may be chilly, so throw on that coat, grab some mittens, and plop on those boots. A walk definitely is the way to de-stress and clear your head.

5)    Work out: if you’re like me and haven’t had a chance to work out due to your busy schedule, now’s the time to tone those muscles, hit that cardio, and stretch it out. Spend reading week treating yourself and your body. You’ll definitely feel more relaxed, sleep better, and get those endorphins pumping.

These tips might seem counterintuitive or strange if you were expecting study tips for a productive reading week. All these tips actually lead to better studying in the long run because it is crucial to de-stress, take control of your feelings, and the vibes that you’re radiating. By de-stressing, spending some quality time with yourself (and others), as well as listening to your body’s needs you will go back to school feeling more refreshed, on top of things, and ready to bring your A-game. So really you will be having a fun, productive, and energizing week. Happy reading week!