Get to Know UWindsor's Visual Arts Students

The University of Windsor’s Visual Arts students can seem mysterious. The LeBel building, which hosts the Visual Arts program, is far from main campus and rarely visited by students from other faculties. In September 2017, these students will be even farther from main campus; the new building for Visual Arts and Music students is nearly complete in downtown Windsor. Here is a chance to see student artwork and learn how they feel about the move downtown.

Erica Glaskin-Clay

"In general, I think the move will be an awesome experience for most first- and second-year students. Third and fourth-years will find it is a huge impact because they're so used to LeBel and freedom.  Focusing on new students coming in is what matters. The environment will be great with visual arts and music so tied together."  

Myah Robillard

"Having a new building will be really nice. I'll be scared to make a mess! Parking will be difficult, though. I usually make three or four trips out to my car. I won't be able to carry everything around with me."  

Emily Conlon

"I think the move is very bitter-sweet.  I'm going to miss this building, but I think it'll be good for the downtown area to have students there. It'll also be good for the students to have a new building."  

Alex Derbyshire

"I appreciate the change. The environment we're in right now doesn't add to the art experience that we're actually paying for. Hopefully the new building brings a new sense of inspiration. I really hope it has a new art store and a library for the art student. I also really hope that they start teaching anatomy."  

Julian Pawlaczyk

"I come from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I used to go to Kendall College of Art and Design. When I first walked into LeBel, I thought it was a high school art building but I see why people have attachment to it."

Jessica Beaulieu

"While it's exciting to be moving into a new building, it's a bit unfortunate that LeBel has fallen into disarray. Because of our pending move, the maintenance and interest of the current art building is being neglected. It is unfortunate for the students who currently use the facilities to have to work in such a state."

If you are a Visual Arts or Music student at the University of Windsor, you can voice your opinions and concerns about the new building. All SoCA (School of Creative Arts) students have received an email from the acting director, Dr. Rodney, with a guide on how to make yourself heard while showing appreciation for the new facilities.

Visual Arts students aren't as mysterious as they seem; stop by the LeBel building (on the corner of Huron Church and College) to see more amazing artworks such as the ones featured here!