7 Things to Add to Your Daily Routine

If you haven’t already realized, adulthood requires you to be completely responsible for yourself. No more nagging from Mom to get something done – you’re in charge now. While this seems cool for the first week, after a while you start to realize just how much you have to accomplish in the daily time frame of 24 hours. Having so much to do with so little time can be a bit chaotic, causing you to become stressed and ultimately not too happy. Here are some things to add to your daily routine to make every day your best day!


1. Wake up earlier

OK, I will be the first to admit that I am a complete night owl and could sleep until 1 p.m. everyday. Unfortunately however, you just can’t, especially on weekdays. Waking up earlier allows you to use your time in the morning to really get into the day. You don’t have to rush to get ready, you finally have time for breakfast (the most important meal!), and you can make a coffee for class instead of waiting in the endless line at Tim Horton’s. So instead of sleeping until the last possible minute, wake up about an hour earlier in the morning so that you’re not waking up for class, you’re waking up for you! To help yourself go to sleep at a decent hour so that you can actually wake up, avoid using your phone or laptop before bed and allow yourself time to relax and unwind – bubble bath?


2. Keep an inspiration board

Image Source: Prologue

Cut out clippings from magazines of something you’d like to save up for, print out a motivational quote, and write down some goals. Seeing what you want from life will help you get out there and get it! An inspiration board is great at doing just what the name says, inspiring you. You don’t even need to create a physical board; Pinterest is great for this kind of thing and has so many Pin-spirational ideas!


3. Focus on your solution, not the problem

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Sh*t happens, it’s inevitable. However, it’s your attitude towards the problem that determines who you are. Stay positive; remember how many other situations you’ve overcome that you never thought you would? Well you can and you will! Instead of focusing on the problem and holding onto the bad energy, put your effort into focusing on how you’re going to overcome the obstacle and get to it.


4. Meditate

Image Source: Every College Girl

Meditation is definitely something to add to your daily routine, and is recommended to do either in the morning to start the day off fresh, or at night to end the day peacefully. Meditation allows you to concentrate on your body and your senses, as well as reduce stress. To meditate, simply sit on a flat surface (the floor) with your legs crossed and your back tall and straight. Place your hands together in front of your chest (or wherever they’re comfortable above your legs), and focus on your breathing without trying to control your breath. Observe your chest, rib cage and stomach – how do they feel as they expand and contract? Continue to focus on other parts of your body from your toes to your head – how do they feel?  Is there a small pain anywhere? Your main focus however, should always be your breathing.


5. Read something new each day

A new chapter of a book, a news article, or a blog post, reading helps to enrich your mind. Learning something new each day is a great way to go through life, and allows you some downtime. You can always find something great on HerCampus.com!


6. Call someone you love…

…and remind them that you love them! Mom, Grandpa, best friend, anyone. It’ll make the day for both parties. And call, don’t just text. Hearing your voice makes all the difference! Bonus points if you’re able to Skype or Facetime. This obviously a great way to keep in touch with home and ultimately your roots!


7. Don’t let anything dull your sparkle

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At the end of the day, this is your story. Your shine and happiness should be your main priority. Don’t let your kindness fade from a bad day, and don’t let one person or even five people get you down. 93% of the mass in your body is stardust; someone may have wished upon you!