5 Ways to Slay on your First Day

Ever since kindergarten, the first day of school has always brought a mix of emotions: sad about the end of summer, happy to be going back to a routine, anxious about all of the work ahead of you, but mostly excited for a new year. To me, the new semester – especially the fall semester – always brings the feeling of a new start. Whether you’re a first year or a fourth year, you can make this year your b*tch, and it all starts on the first day. Here’s 5 tips to help you slay the first day.

1. Give Yourself Extra Time in the Morning


Wake up an extra half-hour to an hour earlier to give yourself that time to enjoy your coffee, have breakfast, do some yoga, put on your pump up playlist (may I suggest the classic “Feeling Myself” with Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé), and get ready for the day!  That extra time in the morning will help you focus on or create your goals for the day. Put that time to good use to de-stress, visualize, and breathe. Perhaps try meditating to really center yourself and de-clutter your mind. It’s time for a fresh start.

2. Dress for Success


When you look good, you feel good. The Atlantic says “Take a look at most back-to-school ads and magazine covers today, and they all emphasize one common trait: confidence”. That confidence comes from feeling like the best you when you look like the best you. Use your extra time in the morning to do your hair and makeup. Then wear something a little more on the professional side. Try your favourite corduroy skirt, black booties, and white long sleeve shirt. Complete the look with your trendy new book bag.

3. Get Organized


Have your syllabus written out in your planner. Plan your readings and assignments. Map out where your classes and meetings are and the fastest or most scenic route to get there. When you know what’s expected of you and where you’re going, you feel more in control. The most important thing to retain is to use your planner. You can get a free planner from the information desk in the CAW. Colour code each class and make different calendars on your phone for school, work, and personal.

4. Use Your Off-Time Wisely


Grab lunch with a new friend or explore the campus. Find something to inspire your creativity and make the campus your muse. When you feel more familiar with the people and the place, you feel more relaxed and at home. Look around and find your place, I promise there is a place for everyone here at UWindsor, and clubs week is just a couple weeks away. Having an idea of how you can get involved will help you connect more with the school and ultimately your academics. Might I suggest applying for this wonderful organization called Her Campus? *wink wink*

5. Make Today Your Best First Day Yet!

But if it’s not, that’s okay, too. Just stay positive. You have the entire semester to show off the rocking new you. Until then, check out how to prepare for the exciting syllabus week to really stay on top.