Low Budget Dates for Couples

Is your ideal date a bit rough on your bank account? No worries. I got you covered. As someone who is also a college student with low spending money, I want to think of ideas my significant other and I can do for many dates to come where we don’t feel guilty about spending hundreds of dollars on one date. Here are some ideas that can end up being pretty darn perfect for your next date without using up all of your grocery money.


Dozens of museums either have student discounts, pay-what-you-can days, or even free admission depending on where you go. They can be a great way to get to know your SO better, while also gaining a new appreciation for amazing art pieces that can be pretty inspiring. My first date choice is definitely this one, but if you or your SO isn’t that into art, no worries.


Parks can be a great date destination for two main reasons. 1. Free and 2. Perfect picnic spot if you go on a good day. Gasworks park is a great example. It’s also a plus if your SO is into photography. Just FYI.


Nothing beats your classic coffee date. Cafes can have a really nice urban vibe with great coffee drinks that are great for just some quality time with your SO. Maybe they’ll even treat to you to a drink and a treat. Or you can even have a “commitment” of sorts where if the coffee date really went well, you can find another great coffee place for each new date. Keep the coffee adventure brewing! Get it?

Cooking Date

One thing I love to do is cook new recipes. I’m not the best cook, but I love to try new foods and it’s more fun when I get to do it with someone else. Some funny and memorable moments can come when cooking with your SO who might not be the best cook either. It’s a learning experience, but one that can be really fun and rewarding if you give it a try. If you both completely mess up, then just go dutch on a pizza.

Free events during the month

The one basic idea for people just wanting to do something for free would be to google your city’s events calendar. There are dozens of events free and discounted that could suit your ideal date night without having to worry about buying a ticket. Just check your local events calendar and do a bit of digging. Even if you’re not going on a date, it’s a great resource to find a fun event for you and your friends. Here is a link to the events calendar in Seattle for the Pacific Northwest folks: https://www.events12.com/seattle/

Hope these ideas inspire you to spend less money and still have a fun time with your SO whether it’s on Valentine’s Day or just a day you where you want some quality time with each other. There’s dozens of other cheap dates ideas, but these are just the few I have tried and love and would recommend to all of you that are broke but wanna have some fun. For more fun couple things, stay tuned her at HerCampus!