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Why Going Home for Fall Break is The Best and Also The Worst

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.


            The timing of fall break is pretty much perfect. Most people are just reaching that “I’m sick, everyone around me is also sick, and I miss my dog/my mom’s cooking/my real bed” stage, especially first-years who are just experiencing it all for the first time. 


            Let’s be honest, our moms’ cooking beats O-Hill any day. Also, love you Bodo’s, but you will never be NYC bagels no matter how hard you try. There’s nothing like having dinner with your family again or hitting up one of your favorite local restaurants. 


            No matter how comfy your bed in Charlottesville may be, nothing beats going home to your real room, and realizing how little you appreciated it when you actually lived there. 

But, unfortunately…


Midterms are a thing

            Unfortunately, the main purpose of fall break – studying for midterms – is basically ignored by most of us, allowing for a potential rude awakening when we get back from school and realize we have exams we’ve barely prepared for. Probably should’ve taken that “study on the way home” tip more seriously… 

Too short

            Only two days off from classes? Whaaaaa? How am I supposed to catch up with my family, study, get my eyebrows done with my OG eyebrow lady, and emotionally prepare for midterms in that amount of time?? 

Travel time

            If you’re from out-of-state, chances are, your travel time cuts down the amount of time you can actually spend at home, shortening the already-short vacation time. A long weekend is definitely not enough time to remember how you felt before school started when you were desperate to get away from home. 

Although coming back to school after vacation may be a rough transition, we all know we’ll remember how much we love our school and Charlottesville very quickly, especially as #halloweekend approaches.