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Is it a romper? Is it a dress? Despite the rompers often mysterious quality, when it comes to Foxfield, it’s best to leave the mystery at home. Rompers may allow for safer movement- no more flashing anyone while you’re dancing on top of a car- but when you have to pee, they’ll get the best of you. Trust me, you do not want to be that girl who has to take her whole romper off behind a car just to go pee. Or maybe you do? It does make for a great story.

Floppy Hats

Do they look cute? Yes. Should you wear them? No. When you think of Foxfield, girls in Lilly Pulitzer dresses and giant floppy hats comes to mind. But here’s the thing, the hat will most likely be too floppy, if that’s even possible, block your vision, and you’ll end up taking it off and leaving it in some frat’s tent. So, when it comes to the oh so stylish but oh so annoying floppy hat, just say no.(photo courtesy of Pexels)


Sandals are great, but only if the weather’s great too. For Foxfield veterans, we all know the past two years have been rainy and cold. And with rain comes mud. So before you pick out your favorite pair of Jack Rogers, check the weather. If it calls for rain, it’s best to stick to rain or cowboy boots unless you don’t mind an intricate pattern of mud splatter all over your legs. Let’s all pray for blue skies and sunny days, because only then is it safe to break out sandals.

(photo courtesy of Photopin)

Expensive Sunglasses

Unless you’re one of those uber responsible types, expensive sunglasses are a no-go. They may look great in photos, but these may be the last photos they’re ever in. You might think you put them safely in your purse, but at Foxfield nothing is ever safe. Sunglasses will somehow find a way to fall off croakies and out of purses, thus being lost forever in the hoards of over-enthused college kids.
(photo courtesy of Pexels/Nitin Dhumal)

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