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The Top 4 Coffee Shops in Charlottesville

1.     Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roasters(photo courtesy of shenandoahjoe.com)

Shenandoah Joe has four locations The Corner, Main St., Preston Ave. and Townside Shopping Center. This adorable coffee shop is most well known for their coffee roasting abilities, as they roast their own coffee in small batches and currently have over 25 varieties. Far from the mass production of your typical Starbucks brew, Shenandoah Joe Roasters gives you premium quality coffee along with the full coffee shop experience.

Order recommendation: Iced Dirty Chai


2.     C’Ville Coffee

At C’Ville Coffee, you may come in for that cup o’ Joe, but you’ll stay for their delicious breakfast and lunch menu. With only one location, you’ll often find it packed on a Sunday afternoon, with people enjoying brunch and live music. This coffee shop even offers an “adult section” seating area for those serious studiers. So whether you want a change of scenery from your regular Corner lunch spot, or you want to try a new tea flavor from their extensive list of options, C’Ville Coffee is the place to go.

Order recommendation: Berry Turkey Sandwich


3.     HotCakes(photo courtesy of www.theodysseyonline.com)

One word comes to mind when you visit HotCakes located in Barracks: dessert. They have a wide array of delicious gourmet desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving, and then some! With both a “HotCakes Classic Dessert Menu” and a monthly dessert menu, they definitely have no shortage of sweets here. While not officially advertised as a coffee shop, this café does have delicious coffee options that will go great with any HotCakes dessert.

Order recommendation: Farmhouse Apple Cake/Nutella Latte


4.     MudHouse Coffee Roasters

MudHouse is another great coffee shop that roasts its own beans. Their pledge? “Beautiful coffees, thoughtfully sourced and carefully roasted for you.” So with MudHouse coffee, you know your getting the best quality coffee, and can feel good about doing so. They advertise that they pay farmers a fair price that is higher than current requirements, use coffee that’s even better than organic, and that they are committed to sustainability. With three locations, this local mini-chain of quaint coffee shops features beautiful marble countertops and an array of seating, from benches, to desks and even couches. So find a comfy place to sit, and stay a while at MudHouse Coffee Roasters.

Order recommendation: Colombia Supremo French Roast



(Thumbnail photo courtesy of pexels.com


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