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Attention, book lovers! With midterm season coming to a close, and Halloween right around the corner, try one of these spooky stories to get you in the holiday spirit.

Still have too much work to even think about reading for fun? Then maybe one of these books will be calling your name after you’ve stuffed yourself with turkey over Thanksgiving break.

The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

Looking for a little magic this Halloween? Look no further than this bewitching read. The prequel to the cult classic Practical Magic, Alice Hoffman gives readers an intimate look into the lives of the Owens family during the 1960s. Franny Owens is difficult, with milk pale skin and blood red hair, Jet is shy and can read people’s thoughts, and charismatic Vincent is ever the trouble maker. Together they uncover their past and find out the truth about who they truly are.

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A Dangerous Woman From Nowhere by Kris Radish

When the love of Briar Logan’s life is kidnapped, she is forced to elicit the help of a damaged young man and a notorious female horse trainer. Full of lessons about love, life, letting go, and the true meaning of family, this novel has a lot of heart, and even more adventures.

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In The Woods by Tana French

Three children go into the woods, only one comes back alive. Barely. A murder mystery set in the suburbs of Dublin, one detective must solve a child murder case that is eerily similar to one he was involved in twenty years prior.    

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A Tree Or A Person Or A Wall by Matt Bell

Not for the faint of heart, this beyond creepy set of short stories is both gruesome and psychologically unsettling. For fans of Stephen King novels and Criminal Minds.

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A Secret History by Donna Tartt

Set at a New England liberal arts college, Tartt’s debut novel tracks the relationship between a tight knit group of friends, who become the favorites of their peculiar classics teacher. What follows is a gripping tale about the lengths people will go to keep their secrets hidden. The classic Pulitzer prize winning novel has the perfect amount of mystery and suspense for cozying up by the fire while drinking hot cider, a PSL, or hot cocoa. Whatever your go to fall drink, this fantastically interwoven story is sure to complement it perfectly.

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