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In college, it’s safe to say that most students don’t have the luxury of spending tons of money on every item in their closet. However, when you do have a little money saved up and are looking to buy something special, here are a few tips on items that are worth the splurge, and others that are not.

Jeans: Splurge

Whether it’s a classic pair of dark wash skinnies, or a light wash embroidered boyfriend style, jeans will always be in style. So whatever your fashion sense, go all out on your next pair of jeans. If there’s super nice quality, they can last for years, instead of piling after the third wash like a cheaper pair. So next time you’re ready to splurge check out online stores such as ASOS, and Revolve Clothing.(Source: Pexels/Pixabay)


Sunglasses: Save

Every few months it seems they’re a new pair of “it” sunglasses. From the Dior “So Real” sunnies to the round framed Ray-Bans, it’s unrealistic to keep purchasing expensive sunglasses every time a new style becomes popular. Try online stores such as Forever 21, Windsor, Boohoo for great and inexpensive dupes of popular, designer styles.

(Source: Pexels/Unsplash) 


T-Shirts: Save

Band T-shirts can often sell for around 40 to 50 dollars on websites like Ebay, which is a little pricey for just a t-shirt. Because unique t-shirts add a bit of street cred to any outfit, you may want to stock up on a few. But shelling out 40 bucks for a t-shirt can really add up, so check out your local thrift store the next time you want a cool new band tee. If you’re really dedicated, you’ll be sure to find some real gems.  (Source: Pexels/Unsplash)


Statement Dress: Splurge

While some might say splurge on a little black dress, sometimes a statement dress is even an even better purchase. Dresses can be restyled with endless changes in jewelry, shoes, jackets and sweaters, no matter what the style. So skip the LBD, and go for that wow-factor dress that really makes you smile when thinking of your next splurge purchase. Nice statement dresses will last a long time, and you can break it out each season with a new accessory to switch up the look.

(Source: Pexels/Pixabay)


Funky Heels: Save

Unless your Carrie Bradshaw, you probably don’t wear trendy heels walking to class everyday. So, don’t shell out cash for an item you don’t use very often. The next time you want to add some pizazz to your shoe collection, consider going for a cheaper pair. Heels are never really that comfortable, no matter the price. (Source-Pexels/Pixabay) 


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