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I realized very early on that I really can’t go anywhere without music. My headphones and my very professionally curated Spotify playlists are with me when I’m walking to class, when I’m washing my dishes, when I’m struggling with midterms, or when I just want to exist. From past loves to random Spotify finds to the luckiest YouTube recommendations, here are a couple of random songs that’ll play the perfect soundtrack for your day.

1) For a boost when you’re walking to class: “Can’t Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

The first twenty seconds of this jam are all I need to feel like I can do anything. There is also something very satisfying about the way that the lyrics remain in the same rhythm and beat throughout most of the song. There’s consistency, stability, and energy, three things I love having every morning before I head off.

2) For the evening walk home: “deja vu” by Olivia Rodrigo

If you’re going home under a setting sun after a long day, take some Olivia Rodrigo with you, I insist. I like “deja vu” for the evening because the softer tone of the instrumentals and Rodrigo’s delicate voice set the tone for the moments where things may be calming down a little bit.

3) When you realize you have extra chores to do and need the energy: “Dilbar” by Neha Kakkar

It’s hard not to sway your hips to this Bollywood tune. Item numbers, which in a lot of Bollywood films feature a guest female actress in a performance that isn’t attached to the movie itself, are a guilty pleasure of mine because of the sheer vigor these actresses and singers often put into their songs. This cover of an older Bollywood song that now infuses traditional Indian, Arabic, and Western beats is enough to get me up and moving around the house.

4) For the late night vibes: “Aphrodite” by Rini

Thank you, random Youtube recommendations. A slow, sultry backdrop to Rini’s soulful voice as he sings about his love, it’s a perfect song for when the day has quieted down. No dramatic crescendo or booming instrumentals, just a simple groove that can help take your mind down a level with its intimate hushed tones.

5) For a tune that can transport you to another dimension when you need it: “Space Song” by Beach House

Sometimes, you just need to get away, and so I think the name of this song is quite apt. It sounds like something you might hear in an 80s film, bringing an odd sense of nostalgia, or a deep love for a world far away. A slow absorbing melody, there’s nothing more comforting than hearing in this chaotic universe of ours, “I’m on your side.”

Hi! I’m Aira, and I’m a 4th year at UVA studying Global Development Studies and English. I’m a lover of chocolate, trips to Barnes and Nobles, and Chelsea FC. I’ve always loved writing and can’t wait to share more of my own with you!
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