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5 Accessory Trends For Spring

1.  Backpacks

Backpacks have been trending lately, and they are back for another season this Spring. Gone are the days of your boring North Face school backpack, now you can have fun and experiment with leather, colors, patterns, sizes and more. For those of you who hate having to carry around a purse, a trendy backpack is the perfect way to show off your style while still being hands free!(photo courtesy of pexels.com

2.  Two Different Colored Shoes

Calling all fashion risk-takers! Here is the perfect Spring trend for you: wear two different colored shoes. Sounds daunting? Well if you have two different colored pairs of Converse, Vans, or a similar shoe, all you have to do is wear one of each shoe. Some people might be confused, but this trend was all over the Spring runway, so if anyone asks questions, just say it’s all in the name of fashion.(photo courtesy of pexels.com

3.  Statement Sunnies

Goodbye boring black Wayfarers, hello colorful statement sunnies! Want to make an outfit really pop? Just switch out lackluster sunglasses for a pair with a little more spunk, like Le Specs “Bandwagon” sunglasses in the color Ice Blue, or Quay Australia’s retro “Ukiyo Round Sunglasses” in Gold.(photo courtesy of Davide D’Amico, Photopin)

4.  Two Different Earrings

Wearing two different earrings may sound weird in theory, but in reality you’ll look like a total trend-setter. While this trend has been around for a few seasons, the runway looks keep getting more and more drastic, with oversized earrings from Alexander Mcqueen and drastically different pairings from Rodarte. This trend doesn’t necessarily mean buying two different pairs of earrings, and then wearing one of each. Now, stores are stocking up on earrings pairs that are already slightly different, like the one’s pictured below.(photo courtesy of Veronika Kociánová, Photopin)

5.  Glittery Lips

The perfect trend to try while at a music festival this Spring or Summer, glittery lips are now something you can wear more than just once a year at your sorority’s Bid Day. To make the sparkle suitable for everyday, swipe on your favorite bright lip shade, grab a white shimmery shadow, and dab it on your lips lightly. The more intense you want the look to be, the more shadow you should put on.   (photo courtesy of Sophie Dituri, Photopin)

(thumbnail photo courtesy of Garry Knight, Photopin)

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