Simmers: The YouTube Community You Didn't Know You Needed

Like most young women, I still spend an embarrassing amount of time playing The Sims. Also like many others, I often find myself in the “weird part of YouTube.” I will still never forget when these two (oddly big?) parts of me collided and I discovered the weirdest weird-part-of-YouTube yet: the Sims community.


This line of YouTubers is mostly comprised of young women, many of them the same age as I. The two I am the most invested in are Tabitha (Pastel Sims) and Carmen King. I know of other popular Sims YouTubers, but these two are definitely my favorite and exemplify many characteristics of the community: loud, overly-sexual, wild, and hilarious. Because they are not as popular as the big YouTube names we all know (Shane Dawson, Nikkietutorials, etc…) we are able to see, through their channels and other social media, their authentic selves. They are messy and real and are just as fun to listen to as they are to watch play.


Obviously, they aren’t playing the game as the creators intended (not unlike the rest of us, I know you all use the “motherlode” cheat, too…) I thought I knew all there was to know about a seemingly simple game, but through this genre of YouTube videos I discovered so much more: mods and custom content, just like for any “real” game. Not only do they have gameplay videos, in which they use these mods and custom content to create Sims that look like Instagram models and act like criminals (that they later play to complete challenges like “100 baby challenge” or “breed out the ugly challenge”), they also have videos where they “shop” for their custom content. Carmen King, specifically, plays other games as well, but I’m here for Sims… sorry…


Overall, if you’re looking for weird and exciting content to hold your attention, make you laugh, or even possibly get back into an old game, I would definitely recommend watching some Sims YouTubers!