Body Positive Women You Should Be Following

Growing up as a “midsize” plus-size woman, I understand it’s difficult to love yourself. Not because you think being big isn’t beautiful, but because as children, and even as adults, we are programmed to believe that the only way we could ever fully love ourselves is by being “small.”

I was the kid who was blindly convinced that I could never find love if I continue to be this big, or that I could never wear what I wanted, like cute dresses and tops, because I’d look too disgusting. I realized the problem wasn’t me when I had looked at a beautiful plus-size woman, for the first time, on Instagram. I was in awe over how beautifully her stomach rolls bunched up on top of her jeans or how graciously her stretch marks ran across her body. It was so confusing to me that someone who looked like me rocked every curve of her body and exuded such confidence. That was the first time I realized that I could not let what others thought of me and my body determine whether I love myself or not. 

A woman on Twitter tweeted that she had unfollowed famous influencers like the Kardashians and widely known Instagram models and instead followed women who looked like her. Size 16 in jeans, freckles all over their faces, acne, hip dips, and also women who don’t have plastic surgery. I love being able to follow the Kardashians, I still do. I still follow women I used to idolize because of their thin bodies and plastic surgery, but now I follow a bunch of women who are body positive and share sides of themselves that viewers, like us, tend to forget is completely normal to have. I just think it’s important for us to favor the majority rather than stick to one side of the spectrum because every woman is beautiful. 

These women on Instagram and TikTok have drastically changed the way I look and feel about myself and are totally worth your follow:

@lizzobeeating on Instagram

 We all know Lizzo and how actively she stands up for plus-size women. For me, she was one of the first women in my generation that I saw in the public eye who loved herself no matter what others told her. Being in the spotlight, it can be hard to ignore all the negative comments but she completely fired back at everyone who continued to tell her how she should look. She is amazing and beautiful and definitely worth your follow!

@stephanieyeboah on Instagram

Stephanie Yeboah is a woman I recently found on Instagram who not only speaks on body positivity but also feminism, race, and intersectionality. She is a plus-size fashion blogger, author, and public speaker. She is the author of ‘Fattily Ever After,’ which I have just ordered and I really recommend you check it out as well.

@bellaagolden on Instagram and Twitter

Bella is also someone I have recently found but have fallen in love with the content she puts out. She is funny and I love running into her posts when I’m feeling down about anything. She constantly puts up posts about loving yourself and the brighter days that are ahead.

@siennamae on TikTok

If you’re on TikTok, you saw how Sienna took over in under two weeks. She had just started posting and now has 3.1 million followers. She is known on TikTok for being body positive and showing how different angles and the way you wear clothes makes your body look different. She’s a breath of fresh air and is also deserving of a follow. :)

@_javierittaaa on TikTok

Javi is also known on TikTok for body positivity but also posts videos educating us about our bodies and that is why she is also worth your follow.