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10 Tips for Girls Working Through College

1. Get Rest

Ever since I started working at Higher Ground – a coffee shop – I have realized how important sleep really is. If you’re a morning person, wake up early and get as much done as you can before your first class, and make sure to go to bed at a decent time. If you’re a night owl (like me) then sleep in as much as you can, and take a quick nap before work. When you get home, do everything you need to do before you go to bed that night. Do not be afraid of naps, and know when to tell yourself that you need a break.


2. Manage Your Time

Managing your time is a huge part of your life when you have a job on the side. You have to make time for people, school, work and yourself. I still struggle with managing my time; it can become so overwhelming, but that’s OK. Once you get time management down, it will become a major strength.


3. Put School First

Remember, school is the most important thing. Odds are that you have a job to help out with school, so why let yourself slack? Go to class, take good notes, study them whenever you can and always do your homework. Try your hardest in school, and keep your grades up. If you start to fall down the slope, don’t be afraid to take on fewer hours to focus on your studies.


4. Use a Planner

Planners are essential. School assignments, quizzes and tests alone are enough for you to need a planner. When you add your work schedule and extracurriculars into the mix, you can’t live without one. There are plenty of ways to have fun with your planner. Look up cute layouts and different keys to use on Pinterest. Make your planner your own; doodle, use different colors and show your personality.


5. Don’t Forget about Extracurriculars

Even though you have a job doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved in other organizations. I’m involved in Greek Life on campus, and although it can be a lot of events to ask off for, it’s totally worth it. Being in campus organizations is a part of the college experience. With that being said, don’t let work take over your life. These years don’t last forever.


6. Take Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. While you’re working, stay hydrated and mentally positive. A shift will be as bad as you want it to be. If you keep giving yourself positive reminders, your shift will go by quicker and smoother. Make sure you go to work well rested and ready to go.


7. Make Time for People

Although work may be crazy, don’t forget about the people who love and care about you. Make time for your friends and family. I catch myself getting in the habit of going straight home to sleep and not making time for the people that are in my life. Don’t take this time you have with your friends for granted, because college doesn’t last forever.


8. Be the “Yes” Person

At work, strive to be the “yes” person. If you become the dependent person that everyone can rely on, people will be that person for you. It’s good to be the “yes” person because you can use it to your advantage when you are asking off for an important date or fighting for your raise.


9. Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”

Even though you want to say “yes” as much as possible, you can’t be afraid to say “no.” If every week you take someone’s shift and then one week you can’t…it’s OK to say “no.” Don’t overwork yourself. Remember to take care of yourself first, so it’s OK to put yourself before work and tell someone “no.”


10. Remember Why You’re Working

Last but not least, remember why you got this job in the first place. It can be so stressful and overwhelming. You might wonder every time you work why you chose to do this. Think about why and all your motivation will flow back in. Encourage yourself. You’re an incredible person for making this work. Working while in college is like having two full-time jobs, and it’s not easy. Push through and learn to love your job because, in the end, it will prepare you for the real world.

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I am a Public Relations major at the University of Tennessee at Martin. I am involved in Chi Omega and I am a barista at Higher Ground Coffee shop. When it comes to my future, I only have New York City and traveling the world figured out... Easy enough, RIght?
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