Will Tippens '12

Meet Will Tippens. This sports loving Poli Sci major is in the home stretch at UT. He'll be graduating in May and moving on to law school at the University of Memphis. He's got some awesome stories about his time at UT. If you run into this campus cutie, ask him about his answer to the last question in his interview. Definitely entertaining.

Major: Political Science
Favorite children’s book:  Bunnicula. It was a bunny vampire book!
Dream destination: India. For the food, of course.
If you were throwing a party, what would be the theme? No Pants Party!
Best movie you’ve ever seen: Man on Wire
If you could have lunch with any three athletes, who would it be? Shea Weaber, Calvin Johnson and Jake Walker.
If you changed your name what would you change it to? Magnus Von Oddonison (haha, how creative)
Favorite quality in a female: Pretty eyes!
If you were a pro athlete, what would you play? Hockey for the Nashville Predators.
Favorite UT memory: Getting arrested in a thong. (O yeah... that happened)