Josh Martin '12

Josh Martin is always good for a laugh. His contagious laughter and fun antics make for a great time. Sorry ladies, this campus cutie is taken, but he’s definitely a great friend!
Major: Sociology with a concentration in criminal justice
Graduation: December 2012
Summer plans: My internship at Davidson County metro Sheriff’s Department, and whatever traveling I get the chance to do.
Dream car: There are so many! I guess if I had to pick a supercar it would be the Bugatti Veyron Supersport. It’s the fastest car in the world!
Ideal facial hair: I’m good with my short, full beard.
You know you’re partying when: I know I’m partying when I’m doing things that are entertaining but blurring the line between bravery and stupidity. (Prime examples: ripping his shirt, wearing the beer case box as a helmet, and, best of all, using Bacardi 151 to blow fire. O yeah, it happened.)
Favorite thing about UT: The community, just being part of big orange country and Neyland stadium on game day.