This Is Your Reminder to Take Care of Yourself During Finals Season

Hey there!

It’s your friendly neighborhood HerCampus mom friend checking in with you. You know, the "mom" friend. The one who always has ibuprofen/hand sanitizer/tissues/band-aids/tampons when you need it. You doing okay? Do you feel good about your upcoming finals? Are you taking care of yourself? If the answer to any of these questions was “no”, then this article is for you.

Finals season is upon us. You know what this means. It means a messy desk. It means no sleep. Did I wash my face today? I haven’t seen the sun in 78 hours. If you need me, need me after finals are over. I am abstaining from all social contact until I turn in that last exam. For question #13 on the practice test, I got 254 as my answer. The options for that question are A) 12, B) 1, C) 4, and D) you’re an idiot.

That paragraph shouldn’t sound familiar. If it does, it may mean you’re not taking very good care of yourself during finals season. As your HerCampus mom friend, I’m worried about you. This is a reminder to please take care of yourself! Here are a few things you may be forgetting to do in the midst of all that studying.


1. Remember your basic needs.

You’ve heard this over and over again. I'll say it again because it’s important.

Please stay hydrated!

Additionally, please remember to eat. Wash your face. Sleep. Stay active, whether that means dancing to Taylor Swift in your room for five minutes or going for an early morning hike. Just because it’s finals season doesn’t mean you turn into some superhuman who needs nothing to survive (I wish!). Being hungry and exhausted will do you no favors.

2. Be kind to yourself.

I cannot count the number of times a classmate has raised their hand and said, “I’m so sorry, but can you please explain that again?” or “I’m probably just dumb, but I’m not quite getting XYZ.” You don’t need to apologize for asking questions. You’re not dumb just because you don’t understand the last paragraph of chapter 5. Using self-deprecating language will only bring you down. Be supportive of yourself. You’ve got this. I’m proud of you already.

3. Don’t shut yourself in.  

Go outside, even if that just means walking to class. Ask a friend how they’re doing. Pet a dog. Shutting yourself in for a whole week to prepare for finals isn’t the only way to prepare for finals. I’m not saying you need to host a dinner party at your apartment, but even just grabbing a quick lunch with a friend can make a big difference on a busy day. 


Best of luck to all the college students out there!


Your HerCampus mom friend





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