Would You Rather: Utah Summer Edition

Summer can be a great time to catch up on your generals, take on a summer job, or get involved in your community. It can also be a great time to binge watch too much Netflix, sleep twelve hours a night, and try out the new Oreo flavors. The choice is yours. So...would you rather…


Take summer classes


Watch all 10 seasons of Friends, stopping only to answer the door for the food delivery person?

Image result for food delivery gifs

Backpack across America


Try every item on the menu at your local pizza place?

Image result for pizza gif

Get ahead on all of that reading for fall semester


Sleep for three months straight in an effort to catch up on all the sleep you’ve lost this school year?



Image result for reading gif

Write your personal memoirs


Spend 7 or more hours creating Pinterest boards for recipes you know you’ll never try?

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Pursue world peace


Spend every other day at the snow cone shack trying to convince the little high school boy who runs it to name your new mix after you?

Image result for sno cone gifTry to get a tan and a bikini body


Stay next to the air conditioning unit eating Cheetos while deliberately clearing your mind of all real thought?Image result for cheetos gif


Trace your ancestry to see if you are related to famous people


Lounge next to the pool while you pretend you are a famous person?

Image result for sharpay fabulous gif

Experiment with Baroque era painting styles


Play with $2 sidewalk chalk until your building superintendent objects?

Image result for bob ross gif

Rearrange all of your furniture to improve the energy of your space


Rearrange all of the clothing that is presently on your furniture to improve your ability to lounge on it?

Image result for lazy gif

Again, the choice is yours. But I’ll be by the air conditioning unit with this bag of crunchy Cheetos if anyone needs me.