Utah Ute Voter Profile: Madeline Ostberg

Madeline Ostberg is in her third year as a Ute, studying Human Development and Family Studies. She's served Her Campus at the University of Utah as a writer, Member Development Chairman and now as Director of Events.

We asked Maddi why she's voting and she had an unconventional answer. "Honestly, I wanted to vote so that way I can complain when the state of the country doesn't go the way I want or the way I believe is right. I feel like our country is in a constant state of complaint; nothing is ever good enough for anyone--and I get it, some issues need addressing and some problems need to be solved. But complaining just to complain isn't providing any solutions if you're not doing what you can, which is voting, you're just adding to the problems. If you want anything to change, you have to do your part and it's not hard. It's mailing a ballot or showing up to a location. It's easy and it's your responsibility." 

No matter your reason, vote! Any reason is a good one. Come to the University of Utah library to vote this November 8th!