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Surviving Winter From A Desert Girl’s Perspective

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Are you one of many collegiates who moved from another location to Salt Lake City? And, maybe from a warmer climate? Well! So did I, and I’m freezing my whole body off. Not to mention, people here look at me like I am insane for even insisting it is cold already and because I have never experienced a snowy winter (let alone one that drops below the 50’s). This is for the many who are in the same boat and need some tips on staying warm. If you’re not from a cold place you need guidance on surviving, because…

  1. Coats… Heavy Coats 

Yes, there is a difference between a jacket and a coat. I found this out recently when my jacket was soaked from the rain and it was around 60 degrees. A coat has thicker material and insulates body heat as well as making sure you actually stay warm. What’s better, is that you can find one to fit your personality as well as making sure your body temperature doesn’t drop just by walking outside.

  1. Blankets. The fuzzy kind! 

Keep one in your car, in your house, by your bed, and anywhere you think is sufficient. I’m not talking about those simple light blankets either. I am talking about the ones you get from Costco with the inside filled with soft fuzziness that weighs about 10lbs alone. The huge quilts that a relative made you is perfect.  Now you can bundle yourself up like a burrito while watching Netflix. If you don’t have a blanket, get one. Yes, they do come in cute designs. 


  1. Socks, Lots O’ Socks.


I always hated socks because my feet need to breathe. I know, it is weird – but I never needed them because where I come from I could wear flip-flops in the winter. Recently, however, they are my best friend and they should be yours too. Wear them everywhere, around the house, when sleeping, and whenever you go outside. For extra warmth get the fuzzy cute ones that make you feel like you’re stepping on clouds. 


  1. Yay! Warm Beverages!!! 

When you’re cold, it is pretty logical to find something to warm you up. Coffee is the nectar of the gods as well as tea and hot chocolate. Living in Salt Lake, I have had more coffee and hot chocolate than I have ever consumed before. That is okay, there are some amazing recipes out there for many beverages as well as some awesome coffee shops around town.  

  1. Gloves, Scarfs, and Beanies 


This is pretty obvious and can be very fun shopping for. However, this isn’t just buying one because it is a cute accessory and you don’t even need it. NO, this is a war against the cold! That beanie, scarf, and gloves are your protection from the surrounding air trying to suck the warmth and life out of you! 


  1. Durable Shoes

  I thought durable meant my fabric boots that seemed like they would make it in the rain… WRONG. Durable means like Doc Martin boots, Army approved footwear or snow shoes. Because, the snow is not going to give an ounce about those shoes that match your outfit and seem like “maybe, they will make it”. So, please, make sure you have some shoes that you can actually survive in and that will match a lot of outfits. 

7. A Heater

     Whether it’s an actual heater, your dog, your best friend, or anything else: You. Need. A Heater. The obvious reason, they make you warm so you won’t freeze. So snuggle your dog or lay by the fireplace, whatever you do, stay warm! For extra warmth in your house, you can put towels at the end of the door so the heat will not get out

 This is for the fellow collegiates who never experienced snow or freezing temperatures in the winter. We can and will survive! Take as many precautions as you can think of, and in all make sure you have some fun doing it!

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor