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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

We can safely say that some of us are people that are more upset when an animal is injured or killed in a movie. Yes, we are the ones that are still upset after the movie when the main character dies, and they have not confirmed or denied if the animal died or not, or even if they had a funeral! We also can safely say animals have a special place in our hearts. During this upcoming season let’s take time and think about events that have and will take place in promoting animal adoption. A collegiate like yourself may even find your best friend, and if not, find an organization to volunteer for in finding best friends for others.

NKUT or No- Kill Utah is an event held by the Best Friends Animal Society each year to assist in helping animals get adopted. Not only does it assist in helping animals get adopted but it also raises awareness of the importance of adoption. October 2nd and 3rd . During that time animal adoption agencies came together with over a hundred dogs and cats waiting for a good home.Furthemore, if you had missed that event, have no worries. The next event that is coming up is Strutt Your Mutt (a walking event) held by Best Friends Animal Society on October 24th. For more information go to Best Friends Animal Society

Without further adieu, here are benifits of adopting:

1.       You pick what age you want

There are a variety of ages to choose from such as baby, young, adult, or senior. So if you want to  run around with a puppy trying to make sure they don’t eat all of the toilet paper, go for it! Or if you wanna be lounging with a good book and a calmer companion choose middle age to older. Most adoption agencies have a variety of ages to choose from and are willing to let you have one on one time to find that special friend. 

2.       Variety Of Breeds

Do you want a calico cat? or even a husky-wolf hybrid? Or how about a crazy mixture of breeds to create this really adorable mutt? Each adoption agency in Utah, and there are many, have unique breeds and even purebreed animals. One of the best places to look is Petfinder.com where you can browse tons of animals waiting for adoption near you. You can even pick the breed you are looking for. 

3.       Another Chance

Any animal that you adopt you are giving another chance at life and love. Each animal has a unique story, sometimes heart breaking. However, you can be the person who changes thier perspective of the world and of people. Not only are you giving the animal a chance but also giving other dogs a chance by the adoption agency. The money you pay for your animal goes right back in the agency to provide supplies for others, allowing more postions to save as many as possible.

4.      Their Personality Shines

Once you adopt an animal and they continuously recieve your love and support thier personality only gets stronger. They start to blossom in front of your eyes and honeslty show who they have been hiding. You become more aware of things they like and don’t and can help shape ways to better acoomodate them. 

5.     Love At Last

Lastly, the best part about adopting an animal is when they absoulutly adore and love you. Because you gave them another chance you gave them a chance at loving someone. Once, you realize how far they become after the adoption, you realize you couldn’t be without them!

     Now sometimes, we colligiates don’t have the time, money, or effort to adopt an animal. We just cann’t do it in this point of our lives, and thats arlight. It is healhty to admit that you can’t take care of an animal right now. It actually takes a strong person to admit this because many stilla dopt animals without even thinking of the responsibilites that come with. However, this is not to stay that you couldn’t do it, it is saying that your responsible enought to realize your need to wait. Additnoally, if you you still want to help and have a love for animals, voulnteering and fostering are excellent subsitutes in helping your animal community. 

Here are some benefits of fostering and volunteering:

1.       Fall In Love With More Than One

You get to care for more than one animal. When volunteering you get to know all the animals and thier interactions with not only you but with other animals There are usually more than one and you tend to have some closer to your heart then others, even though you love all qually. You also get to have a better nurturing experience with fostering. With fostering you can care for them in your home which gives them of a socilization and one on one time. Both options are of equal importants, and both help out the animals. 

2.       One On One

Because your more hands on with all the animals, you get to know them more on a personal level. Both voulnteering and fostering gives you the tools to pick out needs and wants of all animals, which gives them a better chance at adoption. ( I mean who wouldn’t want a one on one with Gosling…)

3.       Love & Care

Usually you are the first to see them at their worst. Animals come in all the tiem from hard times and you can see on thier faces they have had a hard life or experience. However, you can change that just by showing that you care. You get to see them come out of thier shell day by day and assist in that. You get to be the person to tell potential adopters thier quirks and personality, what makes them tick, what they don’t like, and even who they need as a family. 

4.       Good Homes

Even thought this is a wonderful thing, it can be the hardest. You get really attached to all the animals you care for and tend to have special bonds. It makes you so excited to see them get adopted but also just as sad to see them go. However, you know that you personally were responsible for helping that animal get to that stage. 

5.       Fail!

Laslty, this goes for both voulnteering and fostering. There is foster fail! Foster fail is were your either fostering or even taking care of an animal and get attached to the point where you have adopt them yourself. This is a wonderful thing in a way because you knows the dog more than the person taking care of them? You already know thier quirks and personality, you know they have developed a special bond with just you and vice versa, and you simply just can’t let them go!

     Lastly, please take time and effort collegiates, when getting an animal to at least consider adoption first before buying from a breeder.You may not get your prized show animal, however, you will get a animal who loves you beyond words. Addiotnally, if your just looking for some time to burn and want to fufill your passion for animals, volunteers and foster parents are always needed. 

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor