Moods Of The End Of The Semester As Told By My Cat

Well friends, it’s that time again, the very dreaded finals week. Instead of studying, I found myself taking pictures of my very expressive cat, Foster. I realized that many of the feelings conveyed through the pictures were the same feelings I was having about finals week. So here are pictures of Foster that describe the end of the semester. Of course, he’s a cat, and cannot fathom the pain that is the last week of a college semester, but you can’t help but admit that these are spot on. Go ahead and take a study break and look at these cute pictures of Foster, those pile of notes will still be there when you're done. 

1. Wanting to take a nap after 7 and a half minutes of studying.


2. How you look at your professor when they teach a lesson on the last day of class instead of reviewing for the exam.


3. Reaching out to summer because it’s so...close…


4. Being on edge because you’ve had more coffee than a single person should ever consume.


5. Wishing you could go out and enjoy the nice weather instead of being trapped inside doing final projects and studying.


6. Feeling exhausted after writing a whole paragraph of your 8 page final paper.


7. Then switching into overdrive when it’s 11 P.M. and it’s due in an hour.


8. Forcing yourself to stay awake to cram in some more study time.


9. And finally, getting the rest you deserve after the semester is over.

Good luck conquering the end of the semester! Remember to take care of yourself during stressful times. You got this, Foster and I believe in you. 

One last thing, I adopted Foster from a great organization called Utah Animal Adoption Center. They have a lot of sweet fur babies that are in need of a good home. So, if you've been thinking of adopting an animal or just want to donate, visit them at 1955 N. Redwood Road, SLC, UT 84116 or check out their website. 

All images are author's own.