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How to Stay Warm When It’s Way Too Cold

This is a public service announcement notifying everyone to stop telling me that I will get used to the cold. I grew up in a state with the “greatest snow on earth”. It has been 21 years. I am not used to the cold. I hate the cold. Every year when winter rolls around, I’m reminded of how miserable I would have been if I were born in an era without today’s technology. Thankfully, we have many things today that help us combat the cold, cruel winters. Here are a few of my pointers on how to stay warm. 

1. Stay Inside

I’m only half kidding.


2. Uniqlo Heattech

Uniqlo Heattech is a line of clothing specifically designed for layering in cold conditions. They have a huge variety of different items to incorporate into your wardrobe. As far as prices go, Uniqlo is also pretty affordable. I own a couple of their tops, and there’s a noticeable difference on the days I don’t throw one on. This is my biggest tip for all of you cold weather haters out there. I highly recommend it.


3. Layer, layer, layer

‘Tis the season for layering. Frankly, when it’s 10 degrees outside and 75 degrees inside, there’s really no way around it. I live in Heattech and sweaters and thick socks. Winter is the best time to break out all those jackets and warm weather accessories. Throwing in different textures and patterns can actually be a great way to elevate an outfit. Also, invest in a coat! They can be expensive, but Goodwill is a magical place. A good coat can last for years and makes winter significantly less miserable.


4.  Hand Warmers

Back in high school, one of my friends gave out homemade hand warmers as Christmas presents. Mine was shaped like owls, and they were filled with rice. They were pretty darn cute. I still use them to this day. They’re easy to make at home, and it’s a lot cheaper/more environmentally friendly than buying the disposable ones at the store. Just pop them in the microwave for a minute and you’re good to go. Sticking these in my pockets before my commute has made my cold winter mornings a little more bearable.


5. Don’t Get Your Socks Wet

Cold feet and wet socks ruin a day. Don’t let it ruin yours! I spray my shoes with a waterproofing spray, but my recommendation is to just wear a good pair of boots. Snow always seems to find a way into my sneakers, even my waterproofed ones. I also know many people who wear commuter shoes. This specific tip is great for students who work in places with a dress code. 

That’s how I survive the winter. That, and drinking a lot of hot chocolate. Hope these tips help you all stay warm this season! 

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