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Growing Your Spirituality at the U

So I’m pretty sure we all know that college has never been regarded as the time when students focus on anything spiritual… At all. Most students think their Saturday nights are filled with too much sex and booze to fit in at a spiritual or religious group on campus. Other students have just never had the desire to try one out. My advice echos Nikes, just do it! College is one of the last times in our life that we are young and only have ourselves to take care of; take advantage of the fact that at this point in your life you are the most important person to work on and grow.

A lot of students on campus think our university only services one religious belief but that’s definitely not true. You just have to know where to look which is why Her Campus is here for you. I’ve made some of my best friends from joining a religious group on campus and it really has made a huge difference in my life and who I am. The awesome thing about these groups is that they all genuinely care about you and they a lot of them are created by students so they understand your lifestyle and trying to balance your social life, work and school.


 We have students here who worship and grow their spirituality in the mountains by rock climbing or camping. Other students who practice yoga and meditation. There are lots of these classes available in the Student Life Center! The U has a ton of groups on campus for Christian students such as Intervarsity, RUF, CRU, Catholics on Campus and they are super welcoming because they want you there. If you’re Greek and looking for a Christian group, there is Greek Intervarsity.

There’s a Muslim Student Association at the U with an open Facebook page that shows the different times they meet up. There’s also pages available for students who are interested in Buddhism!  All these organizations want to grow and they want to help you grow too! So don’t be afraid to message them and see what they have to offer.


Another great resource on campus is the Mindfulness Clinic. I hadn’t even heard of this clinic until doing research for this article and I really think it could be an awesome place for a lot of collegiettes to try out! If you’re more into developing spirituality on your own rather than with a group I would definitely attend one of the meditation classes, they’re free! Or check out one of the 4 week workshop, also free.

My last tip to throw in is that if none of these groups appeal to you you should take advantage of our amazing Marriott Library! There are thousands of books on all different religions and spiritual pathways and I think every collegiette should stop in here and devote at least a couple hours during her 4 years here at the U to expand her knowledge on these subjects! Maybe even think about signing up for a class offered through religious studies which could fulfill some of your generals. Knowing more about religions makes you a better rounded person and will help you a lot later in life. Be brave and set out collegiettes! 


Kristen is a junior at the University of Utah. She's majoring in Linguistics and banking on the idea that it will allow her to live around the world for awhile! She's enjoying living off ramen noodles and mixed drinks (what else do you expect from a college student?).
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