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Cheap Dates For Every Collegiette In Salt Lake City

In college, money is typically hard to come by, which makes taking someone on a date particularly difficult. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, have a new significant other, or even just a friend; these are cheap but enjoyable dates you can find around Salt Lake City.

1. Tuesday nights at the Megaplex: Every Tuesday Megaplex theaters in Utah offer a special $5 admission all day. Not only do they offer cheap admissions, they also offer movie-time goodies at a low price. They offer mini popcorn for $1, $2 hot dogs, $3 nachos, and Pizza Hut Pizza for $3. Definitely worth taking advantage of at least one Tuesday before the special ends!

2. Benihana Sushi: If you’re looking for some cheap but high quality sushi, Benihana is the place. Benihana has happy hour Monday-Thursday from 3-6pm, and its not just drinks on sale. They offer a large selection of rolls for as little as $4.5! Plus, the atmosphere is romantic and perfect for any couple wanting a nicer night out.

3. Hiking: If you’re looking to be active with your date, Salt Lake City has many jaw-dropping hikes to offer. The living room hike is a “moderate” hike at about 2.7 miles round trip with an incredible view of the city. Donut Falls is about 2.9 miles round trip with a waterfall at the top. If you’re willing to take a little bit of a drive, spend the day hiking Stewart Falls Trail in Sundance Utah. This scenic trail is 4 miles round trip and the destination is well worth the journey. The waterfall is over 200 feet tall and is considered one of the most scenic waterfalls in northern Utah. Pack a bag with some juice and sandwiches, and spend the day in this beautiful area.

4. Bowling: Bowling is always a fun way to hang out with a group of people. Bonwood bowling offers 2 games and shoes for only $6 per person. Bonwood also has anything you could ever ask for. Their menu ranges from burgers and sandwiches, pizza, salad, soup and breakfast items for a reasonable price. 

5. Park City, Utah: Park City has a ton of activities for little to no cost, whether it’s going during the Sundance Film Festival and celebrity stalking, or just walking up an down main street, Park City is a great place for a fun day with your date.

6. Picnic in the Park: Sometimes a picnic in the park is all you need to bond with your long-term significant other or get to know a new one. You could go to subway and get your food to-go or if you’re really on a budget, make your own sandwiches and snacks and head over to the park. Sugarhouse Park is a scenic park with a lake; perfect for a mellow date.

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