The Cast of High School Musical Reunites at East High for the Greatest 10-Year Anniversary Ever

From the news of the Friends reunion to the sequel of Full House, 2016 is rapidly becoming the year to revisit all of our old favorites shows and movies. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the boys are back…and the girls. The cast of the classic trilogy that bopped to the top of the charts and our hearts, met for a reunion at the place that started it all, East High.

5/6 of the core group from High School Musical gathered for what looks like the greatest Netflix & Chill event in history. Zac Efron was absent from the 10-year anniversary hangout, assumingly due to his two highly anticipated movies set for release later this year. Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu, and Monique Coleman took to Instagram to show the Wildcat-infused day and to announce, according to Tisdale’s caption, “something special to thank all the fans who still support us and for all the endless love of Hsm!”


We haven’t been this excited since Zac Efron belted out Scream in the 3rd movie and that was really, really exciting. 


Perhaps the most sentimental of all was Monique Coleman who played the perky and overly organized character, Taylor McKessie. She empowers people everywhere to follow their dreams, even if they can’t afford to watch their movie debut. Her heartfelt caption stated: “I came home from filming High School Musical to an empty bank account and a 3 day eviction notice on my apartment door. I didn’t even watch the movie because I couldn’t afford the Disney Channel…instead I watched it with kids I was babysitting for $10/hr. I didn’t have a passport. I’d never recorded a song & I was collecting unemployment. I remember that one of my greatest aspirations was to be able to shop at Whole Foods. I share this to remind you that dreams do come true! They rarely come without sacrifice, hard work and a faith that closely resembles insanity….but they do come true. Cherish the journey. Enjoy the struggles. And most of all, believe in yourself with all your heart.”

Though we might be Collegiettes, part of us will always be in High School.