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The Cancer Curveball

In one way or another, nearly every person has been affected by cancer, whether they know someone who’s had the disease or have been diagnosed with some form of it themselves. And even still, despite how common it really is, it never ceases to surprise.

Life personally pitched me two cancer curveballs this year. It’s fair to say I wasn’t ready for either of them.

It’s hard to write about something which has such individual affects. There’s no one cancer experience like another, and I know I’m fortunate in that cancer has been much harder on so many other people. Even still, I have three pieces of advice for anyone who’s been pitched the cancer curve ball:

  1. Cancer sucks. There’s no intellectual or romantic way to put it. It just sucks. Big time. So don’t waste your energy debating why it’s happening, or what’s been done to deserve it. Accept that cancer doesn’t act on an agenda, it just happens, and it sucks. And that’s that.
  2. There is no right way to deal with cancer. Some people get angry at the rest of the world, and that’s okay. Get mad. Be mad. Break a plate against a wall. Scream into your pillow, I know I have. Just remember, you’re allowed to feel all of it, even if it doesn’t necessarily feel like it at times. Every emotion is legitimate, deserves to be felt and expressing those emotions will eventually make you feel better.
  3. It doesn’t have control over how you live your life. This is a difficult one to consider, as I said everyone’s situation with cancer is different. And it’s easy to say, but actually rising above the looming shadow of cancer takes focus and effort that never comes easily. Still, know you can do it. Keep living your life, and don’t for a minute let that shadow hold you under. You deserve the sunshine.

Cancer will never be fair, and it will never come when you’re prepared. Just know, whatever trials you’re facing, you’re not alone. The one thing that comes from dealing with cancer is recognizing once more how special and powerful love is. Support is all around you, even in this article, even from a total stranger. You’ve got this.

Shaela Adams: is really just in love with the Earth. And peanut butter. And naps.
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