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The Best Tarot Decks & Spiritual Shops for the Little Witch in All of Us

by Stevie Mitchell

No magic spell is needed to help you find the right tools for your divination collection. This Witch is here to recommend some beautifully unique Tarot and Oracle decks that any reader would be happy to get their hands on this year.

Apparition: A Spirit Speak Tarot Deck created by Mary Elizabeth Evans

The beautiful whimsicality of the backs of these cards are what first caught my attention. Four baby angels float around a circle of eyes as if blessing your third eye for a more powerful reading. The images of Apparition Tarot don’t follow the traditional Rider-Wait-Smith symbolism, but the colorful and playful illustrations were inspired by the creator's own visions through meditation in the middle of the expanding California desert. A spiritual experience for one has created a spiritual tool for all.

Even though this deck might not be for beginners, it is surprisingly easy to read with. The energy introduced itself to me right away and I had no issue connecting with the spark of personality this tarot brings to the reading.

This unique deck of cards can be found at Spirit-Speak.com where there are four tarot and two oracle decks for sale. Apparition being my favorite, but all six decks are spectacular in energy and imagery.

Tarot Della Rocca created by VieuxMondeExpress

Tarot Della Rocco or i tarocchi sopraffini, a traditional Italian tarot deck, was originally created in 1835 and was the most popular and elegant tarot deck of its time. The artwork is stunning with magic that looks as if it can teach all there is to know about the secrets of fortune-telling. Tarot collectors should be thrilled that this deck has been reproduced and is now so easily available.

Thomas and Anna are the couple who has created the EtsyShop VieuxMondeExpress where Tarot Della Rocca is available. They have multiple tarot decks of equal beauty that Thomas has re-created from his own original antique tarot collection. The quality of his reproduced decks is nothing short of amazing. The images are beautiful, traditional, and with just a hint more color than the originals which I quite enjoy. This allows the classic feel of fortune-telling to remain while allowing the symbols to pop and speak to the reader with ease. I definitely recommend collectors check out VieuxMondeExpress on Etsy and support this small business whose generosity allows us tarot enthusiasts to travel back in time.

Oak, Ash & Thorn created by Stephanie Burrows & Adam Oehlers

The Oak, Ash and Thorn Tarot is the most gentle and enchanting deck I’ve worked with this year. The sweet charming images inspired by the Rider-Wait-Smith, are made up of adorable forest creatures. The 22 Majors are made up of different animals that you would find in an English countryside dream. The 56 Minors are made up of Cups accompanying sweet squirrels, Wands alongside charming foxes, Swords and their confident crows, and Pentacles with playful rabbits. This tarot deck is a fairytale lover’s dream with all of its childlike enthusiasm and sweetness.

This tarot would also be perfect for readers who enjoy connecting to Mother Nature during their readings, or who prefer gentle answers to their divination questions. Also, this deck is eco-friendly! How wonderful is that?! You can find this beautiful deck at threetreetarot.co.uk

Somnia Tarot created by Nicolas Bruno

So this next tarot deck technically won’t be available until June of 2021, but if I were you, I would order this deck while presale is still available. I haven’t been this excited for a tarot deck in a very long time. The Somnia Tarot images were created and captured by New York’s extremely talented photographer, Nicolas Bruno.

Bruno has always had an interest in divination, but it wasn’t until lockdown of last year that he had the time to create his own tarot deck inspired by the visions he experiences during sleep paralysis. Bruno has taken a terrifying experience and has created fantastically emotional art to share with the divination community. Created on the coast of Long Island during the first few months of the pandemic, Bruno designed costumes, staged, photographed and posed in this stunningly surreal deck. All of the male figures in the Somnia Tarot are self-portraits taken by the creator, and all-female figures are either family or loved ones of Bruno’s who modeled for the deck. This being an extremely personal and meaningful experience for Bruno, he wanted to make sure the energy of those involved came from a place of trust and understanding.

Knowing these details of Somnia Tarot's creative process makes me that much more excited to experience the energy and magic of the hauntingly moving and realistic cards. You can preorder Somnia Tarot at somniatarot.com and explore the rest of Nicolas Bruno’s work by following his Instagram @nicolasbruno.

Erotic Sex Oracle created by Sharon Julien

This next deck is an Oracle, which is for those readers looking to explore the sensual side of divination. The Erotic Sex Oracle is a playful and sexy deck for those who want to dive deeper into their love life. Purchased alone or with its companion deck, Sex Answer Oracle, this deck helps answer your questions on how to spice up your experiences in the bedroom. What is it about you that your partner is drawn to? What should my partner and I try next to heat up our sex life? When is my next wild and passionate intimate experience? All great questions you can ask while using this sexy deck!

There’s no need for a guidebook with this tantalizing oracle as each card is self-explanatory. Each deck comes with a black organza bag, with an option at checkout to upgrade to a black velvet bag with an added crystal for a small upcharge. You can find these seductive cards at Sharon's Etsy shop or MidnightOracle.com along with other exciting decks, and more traditional divination tools.

The Artists Inner Vision Tarot Deck created by NoMonet

This colorful, multimedia deck is alive with energy and creativity that will captivate any tarot reader. The Artists Inner Vision Tarot is a deck inspired by 26 famous artists and a collage of their work, layered with unique stamp designs for artistic texture and symbolism. This deck is an intuitive tool that will work for the reader looking to free themselves from traditional symbols to expand their own intuition. You can find this beautiful deck at nomonet.com along with many other magical gifts.

Not only is the Artists Inner Vision Tarot the only deck you can read with, but nomonet.com sells enchanting playing cards for the readers who enjoy more of a classic fortune teller experience. I recommend checking out these lovely cards, but I would also explore the rest of the online shop. NoMonet's shop is full of delightful and unique items like a beautifully delicate flower and fairy earrings, frame necklaces for small pieces of art or photographs, and so much more. All of these products have such a sweet and delightful magical element to them, that this is definitely a shop worth supporting!

The Ink Witch Tarot created by Eric Maille

The Ink Witch Tarot is a fantastically fun and modern deck. It mixes traditional Rider-Waite-Smith structure and meaning, with today’s energy. This deck was created with ink and watercolor illustrations that make up moments we might experience in our everyday life. These beautiful cards are easy to work with and allow my natural intuition to step in more often because of the more modern and unique imagery. If you like a bit more structure while reading these cards though, no worries! A guidebook is being created by Eric Maille (the creator of the deck) and should be available for purchase at the end of this year.

You can find The Ink Witch Tarot on Etsy at EricMailleArt. There is a simple charm to this deck that is very refreshing that I think a lot of readers will truly enjoy adding it to their tarot collection.

She Wolfe Tarot by Devany Amber Wolfe

The She Wolfe Tarot was created for the wild child in all of us. This 80 card deck is full of psychedelic energy that will help awaken your inner goddess, increase your desire to become one with nature, and make you consider giving up clothing. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, the beauty of each card will leave you mesmerized and desiring to deepen your spiritual journey.

The soft pink backs and vibrant colors of these cards draw me in and speak to my feminine energy. The rose-gold gilded edges of these cards are so aesthetically pleasing, and the art of each card could easily stand on its own.

This diverse deck is modeled by real people, with a heavy focus on the female form. There is nudity in almost every card, photographed in a tasteful and pure fashion that not only leaves you appreciating the human body, but opens the mind to feel more comfortable with your own body and sensuality. I would recommend these cards to more intermediate to advance readers as most of the images and symbolism are not traditional Rider-Waite Smith. That being said this deck comes with a lovely guidebook to step you through the creator’s interpretation, as well as a mantra for each card. You can find this gorgeous tarot deck at serpentfire.ca

The Enchanted Tarot: 25th Anniversary Edition by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

This anniversary edition of a tarot classic would be an absolute delight for the tarot collector. The beautiful Enchanted Tarot, created by husband and wife duo Any Zerner and Monte Farber, have more than a quarter of a million copies in print. Knowing this deck is loved by many is impressive enough and speaks something to this decks power. The images are of fabric collage tapestries created by Amy and I love that such a unique art medium is used for this deck. Each card is bright and colorful so the images are easy to gravitate towards, and help inspire my intuition to be more playful and free. The cards are quite large compared to other decks but I think that’s part of the appeal. The larger the card, the more you can appreciate the detail that was put into each image.

This deck comes with a lovely detailed book written by Monte Farber that’s full of his spiritual wisdom. Aesthetically I truly appreciate that the information and meaning behind the cards comes in such a beautiful book instead of a little white pamphlet like so many other decks. The quality to detail is very impressive. With a full book, magnetic protective box and a beautiful velvet bag to keep the cards in, you can tell Amy and Monte care about what they create. You can find this deck at theenchantedworld.net along with other incredible oracle and tarot decks as well as many books written by this spiritual power couple.

The Shadow Play Tarot Deck - Playing Cards by Matt Green

So here is another Etsy shop that needs to be supported. The quality of the products that you can find at Printagrams on Etsy is amazing. My favorite being The Shadow Play Tarot. This deck is a tarot deck and playing card deck in one. With the traditional RWS images in the center of each playing card, this deck allows you to use it for divination readings, or if you remove the major arcana, use it as just a regular playing card deck. The white borders of the major cards create a lovely contrast to the all-black minor cards, but also allow you to remove the majors quickly in case you want to play a card game. I personally use mine purely for divination. But having the choice to read with a tarot deck or old school fortune telling playing cards is so wonderful within the same deck of cards! These cards are the same size as normal playing cards so I use them as my travel tarot because they don’t take up much room in my purse.

Printagram not only sells wonderful tarot decks, but tarot posters, tapestries, and even blankets. You can frame or cuddle up with your favorite card to make your home even more magical! I absolutely love the selection of styles Printagram has available as well. You can get traditional and colorful looks, or soft and vintage, and a few others in-between!

The Faceted Garden Oracle by Claire Mack

The Faceted Garden is a 50 card multimedia Oracle with dreamy and soothing energy. Inspired by the garden, this oracles soft hand painted images of greens and blues are truly a muse for any divination worker and earth lover. This deck is not difficult to work with and pairs well with tarot cards or other oracle decks. I’m drawn to meditate with this Oracle as its energy is peaceful and gentle. I feel calmer just quietly flipping through each card with its hypnotic geometry and whimsical color pallet. This deck also pairs well with Claire Macks first Oracle deck The Illuminated Earth Oracle with similar colors and images deeply exploring nature. You can find The Faceted Garden Oracle as well as The Illuminated Earth Oracle on Claire’s Etsy store ClaireMackArts. Go check them out!

Manifestation Boxes by FullMoonAntics

Now that you know which incredible tarot and oracle decks are out there, when you find your deck what are you going to keep it in? How about FullMoonAntics stunning tarot and manifestation boxes! These beautifully designed wooden boxes are the perfect size for tarot and oracle cards, crystals, or any other magical trinkets you might have around. Manifestation boxes can be used to keep your written intentions in to create a safe place for your dreams to manifest. Just write down what you desire and store the paper in the wooden box along with anything that might support your dreams. Make sure to be open to letting the universe give back to you! Already have everything you desire? These boxes work just fine as pretty decoration and storage as well. These beautiful wooden boxes have a magnet closure and come with antique bronze owl feet that give these boxes so much charm. You can pick between different sizes and different moon designs for your box at FullMoonAntics on Etsy.

Whether you’re looking to add one or two decks to your existing collection or have been inspired to start learning tarot for the first time, I hope you enjoyed my recommendations and will give the creators a few moments of your time exploring their beautiful work. I’m sure you’ll be drawn to these stunning and unique tarot and oracle decks.

Feel free to follow my Instagram @thepinkmoonwitch for more tarot and witchy reviews or to get a personal tarot or palm reading! Blessed be!

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor
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